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As the walls begin to close in, a possible escape is found on the season 2 finale 

Pauline had a vision after she was stabbed. The dome chose Julia. There is someone else but he doesn't know he's the one. She couldn't see his face.

The dome continues to contract vertically and horizontally.

As if they don't have enough problems, the crazy thrashing dome is causing people to be morally injured and children are losing their parents.

Pauline is very proud of Junior and the man he's become. She asks Rebecca to allow her to go peacefully and not to let Big Jim stop her from dying because he'll only prolong it.

People start to worry about leaving Chester's Mill and leaving the dead behind, especially Norrie who has no parents left.

Rebecca helps Pauline die and Big Jim wants to kill her. In fact, he pummels her with a hammer -- to death.

Junior decides they need to deal with Big Jim because there is no talking to him.

Big Jim decides he's going to slit Julia's throat, shoot Barbie in the heart and burn the kids alive if the dome doesn't revive Pauline in three seconds.

Big Jim goes frakking crazy and sets fire to Pauline's art studio with dead Pauline inside it. 

Barbie has the town at the new crater and they're scared. He wants the strangers to trust him and plummet into the whole.

Once everyone gets into the hole, new cracks start to form and grow wider. 

Andrea, who has always been a Jim supporter, calls Julia for help. I worry. Julia arrives and Jim is holding a gun to Andrea's head.

Junior shoots his father, leaving him to die. Unfortunately, Jim is like a stone fortress and the bullet only went into his shoulder. Dammit!

The crack gets so big that Julia cannot make it across. She believes that the dome will protect her. I'm not so sure. Junior gets down into the crater with Julia and is surprised to find they cannot go across.

Barbie, Joe and Norrie follow the pink butterflies down a passageway. There are thousands of them and they are all lit up.

When the butterflies fly off, there is nothing but a dead end. Norrie freaks out and just wants whoever is controlling all of it to tell them what's going on. Butterflies continue to come in and land on the wall. These are monarchs. Barbie lays his hand on the wall and it lights up, cracking into giant pieces.

Melanie is on the other side, soaking wet and shrouded in white light. She tells them they're going home. Say what?


Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rebecca: If the crater's the way out, we'll take you.
Pauline: No. The dome's done with me. I saw my own death.

Sam: We gotta find your dad. He's gone crazy. We need to talk him down.
Junior: Why would I do that? There's no talking to him, there's only dealing with him.