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Dawn makes her presence known and quickly argues with Barbie and makes it clear she has no intentions of having anything to do with him. They have an altercation which leads to her killing a civilian. She gets ready to force Norrie to be the person to take the dome down, but Joe steps in and the dome comes down once and for all. 

Barbie apparently kills Dawn and then the army appears and takes everyone away. They force some members to agree that the dome was put up by Aktion and that there were no aliens present. They reluctantly agree and move on to other lifes, but they all come together a year later when they realize something isn't right. Jim is a congressman and he finds a video of Dawn, who is very much alive. 

Dawn is seen with a group of young boys who guard an egg, telling them to go home and then pink stars appear in the egg, which means a new dome will be coming up. 

Norrie searches for Joe and finds him after being told he is dead. 

Under the Dome
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