Sam in Trouble
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The plot for "Devices," centered on a code breaking device with the potential to crack open the CIA spy database, putting all agents and their covers in jeopardy. A young savant named Mathias Faber, with a penchant for jellybeans and code cracking, was kidnapped from a psychiatric hospital by a German crime syndicate, was forced to undergo a series of codebreaking tests, presumably using the device.

Shaw broke into the Blooms house to hold a briefing, much to Steven and Samantha's dismay, and dispatched the pair to to Berlin, where they met up with Leo and Hoyt to begin pursuit of the device.  While chasing down clues, Steven and Leo went undercover in a bar and Sam and Steven scaled the 20 story building, without gear, where the device was being kept, and retrieved the laptop amidst a rain of artillery, but failed to catch the culprits.

Upon their return home, they find out the laptop was nothing more than a laptop.  Shaw angrily reprimanded the Blooms for their failure and took them off the case.  Back home Steven and Sam continued going over clues and deduced that Mathias was the device. Steven stood up to Shaw and managed to get himself and Samput back in play, with Leo and Hoyt in tow.

The foursome went back to Berlin, tricked their way into the compound where Mathias was being held.  After, an altercation with one of the guards, Sam was captured held at gunpoint, in the room with Mathias.  Steven ignored protocol and stormed his way in to rescue Sam, which led to a later discussion, in bed, about how the fact that they're married actually helps them keep each other safer in the field.

Back home, Lizzie was put in charge of a big catering job for a funeral, despite objections of the head chef, and ended up making out with the client (offscreen), blowing the job.

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Bingo! Ernesto Santos. His first name isn't actually Bingo, just Ernesto.


I will always defend your French Toasts. That's what husbands do.