Frederick Douglass - Underground Season 2 Episode 5
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Cato throws a theater production for an all white audience where black actors are wearing whiteface. It enrages and appalls the audience and amuses Cato. It doesn't amuse Francis, Cato's friend. Francis is worried that Cato is calling too much attention to himself and he wants to go back to England where Cato would be safer, because he doen't want  to see Cato end up dead. 

Cato wants to be involved in the movement and he can't be involved as much if he went back to London. Francis threatens to leave Cato and Cato says so be it. 

Cato throws a fundraiser for the movement. He invites Frederick Douglass and William Still. He talks about his time spent in bondage and encourages others to donate money and get involved. Patty and August show up at the event uninvited and Patty threatens Cato. Francis also shows up and says he brought Devi with him. Cato is angry. 

Cato clears out the fundraiser, and he Patty, and August have it out. He has his men attack patty's men, but all of his men end up dead, including francis, and Devi is captured. Cato is forced to submit to Patty's will and she wants to know where Rosalee is. She takes over his house and sends Smoke and August to find Ernestine. 

Georgia is arrested and taken to jail and she tells Elizabeth to find her papers. Elizabeth finds out that Georgia has been passing as white the entire time. She is shocked and doesn't like that she has been misled and finds it offensive or not being honest in some way. Georgia tells her about how she had to make up a new mother and forget parts of what she was just to survive, and that she didn't put their cargo in jeopardy, but it's the best way to continue to help their cargo because she has more freedoms as a white woman. 

Georgia is harassed and Elizabeth is attacked and harassed as well because people think she's a supporter of black people. She and Lucas are tied to a tree and attacked in the woods. 

Georgia is supposed to give a speech at a rally but has stage fright, so Elizabeth gives a speech instead. She gets so impassioned and angry with the complacency and silence of others that she rages and rants and suspects the crowd. Someone throws a bottle at her and a riot starts.

Elizabeth also pleads with Rosalee to stop putting herself in danger while Rosalee is resting up. She etlls her she doesn't want to lose anymore family. Noah and rosalee reunite and Rosalee convinces Noah that she wants to go after her family. Ernestine is saved 

Ernestine is saved from drowning and when the others try to talk to her, she calls all of them out on being hypocrites. She breaks things off with Hicks after he tries to apoligize.

Clara comes to her and says she wants power. She asks Ernestine to teach her how to seduce master Matthew. Ernestine teaches her and sets the two of them up. It works and Matthew and Clar begin an affair. 

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You ain't got no family but we.


It's hard to untether how much I care for the cause with how far I'm willing to go for it. While I admire Georgia's resilient efforts towards peace, the fervor and forthrightness of John Brown's followers is hard to deny. It speaks to the anger that has consumed me since John's death.