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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 4 marks the end of DJ James Kennedy at SUR. 

James gets into multiple fights during his latest shift at SUR. First he fights with Jax after he starts to spread a rumor that he hooked up with a SUR waitress named Gigi when he had a girlfriend. James denies it, but Gigi insists it happens and it becomes the topic of the whole restaurant. Later on, he is clearly drunk when he is supposed to be DJing, and when Lisa confronts him, he gets into a fight with her and Ken. The next day, Lisa fires James.

Meanwhile, Katie, Stassi and Kristen continue to warn Scheana that she needs to stop being nice to Lala if she wants to be friends with them. Scheana does not want to upset her friends and tries to ignore Lala at the restaurant, but it is very difficult when they are working the same shifts. While Lala was definitely very rude to Katie in the past, it does not seem realistic to force Scheana to never talk to her again. 

Schwartz asks Ariana to be one of his groomsmen, but doesn't tell Katie because he doesn't want her to be upset since Ariana is friends with Lala. Ariana accepts and is even forced to eat the "ass steak" from last week's episode that he made Jax and Sandoval. 

Vanderpump Rules
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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I got a marble trash can, and now it's too heavy for me to empty the trash.


I played a little Beyonce and I wound up with a girlfriend.