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Vikings Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Moments of Vision

Vikings Review: Moments of Vision

The second battle of Kattegat commenced on Vikings Season 5 Episode 10, and not everyone made it out of the fight alive. Which side won? Read on!
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 9 Review: A Simple Story

Vikings Review: A Simple Story

A new king is crowned on Vikings Season 5 Episode 9, and Ivar and Harald receive reinforcements from Rollo as they prepare for a second battle.
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 8 Review: The Joke

Vikings Review: The Joke

The battle for Kattegat finally commences on Vikings Season 5 Episode 8, pitting brothers against brothers in a bloody fight. Who won? Read on to find out!
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Full Moon

Vikings Review: Full Moon

The full moon has arrived on Vikings Season 5 Episode 7, and that means Ivar's attack is imminent. Each side discusses strategy, but who will win?
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Vikings Season 5 Episode 6 Review: The Message

Vikings Review: The Message

Lagertha is betrayed by Floki and his followers on Vikings Season 5 Episode 6, but she receives and important message that could swing things her way.
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Vikings takes us into the brutal, ancient world of, well, Vikings. It stars Travis Fimmel as a warrior named Ragnar Lothbrok.

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Vikings Quotes

Ragnar: What do you see?
Bjorn: Power, the power of a king.
Ragnar: Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.

Ragnar: I have something to say. I did not become Earl because I aspired to be one. It came about because of other people's actions. And I did not become king out of ambition, but once again I had no choice as a result of other people's actions. But nonetheless, I am king. King Ragnar, that is my name. What does a king do Bjorn?
Bjorn: He rules.
Ragnar: Yes, good... he rules. And as a ruler, I have the last say. Me! Not you, not you and not you.