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Ivar makes his case to be the leader of the great army. He argues Ragnar took him to England so he could learn the landscape, buildings, and their defenses. Ubbe and Hvitserk believe Bjorn should be the leader. 

Ubbe and Margrethe get married. Hvitserk is obviously jealous. 

Helga asks Floki if he's going with the army. He says yes, but that she should stay behind with their new adoptive daughter. Helga says they will come with him. 

Ubbe suggests that he and Hvitserk share Margrethe. She tests their jealousy. 

Lagertha offers up a human sacrifice to the gods to protect the great army. Astrid and Bjorn sneak away from the sacrifice to have sex. 

Bjorn takes charge of the army, despite Ivar's protests. 

Aethelwulf blames his father for the arrival of the Vikings. He's also angry at him for taking his wife as his mistress and making him adopt his bastard son. Aethewulf asks Ecbert if he loves him, and Ecbert doesn't answer. 

The brothers get their revenge on Aelle by torturing him to death after forcing him to show them where their father died. 




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Vikings Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Helga: What happened to you?
Floki: I wish I could say.
Helga: Why don't you try?
Floki: I don't want to be imprecise.
Helga: It's not a riddle.
Floki: No, it's a truth. I just don't know what the truth is.

We are all equally Ragnar's sons, but we are not equal in battle. So I will take the lead. I will establish the battle plans, and I will give the orders. Do you understand that?