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Ivar goes with the Russ men to cause problems at Kattegat, and he bumps into Hvitserk. 

He takes him back to Kiev and tells him they can work together.

Oleg allows Hvitserk to join the gang, but Hvitserk hears one of Dir's henchman telling Ivar that the plan to take down Oleg is playing out. 

Ivar is shocked to see the size of Oleg's army, and worries when he says that he will bring an end to the Pagan leaders, once and for all. 

Gunnhild bickers with Ingrid over her views, but has to attend the wedding. 

Bjorn sleeps in bed with Gunnhild but goes to consumate his marriage to Ingrid throughout the night. 

Gunnhild is upset. 

Bjorn sends men to speak to Harald about working together. Harald says no, but he later agrees when Olaf steps in to speak to him. 

Torvi gives birth, and Ubbe lashes out at a man who said that he was their friend. Ubbe is upset that the man would pray to a Catholic God while Torvi is giving birth. 

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

It's your wedding night. Your new wife will be waiting for you.


Bjorn Ironside failed as a King.

King Harald