Zara enlists Eric to help her win a dart tournament, while Stosh and Caryn also vie for the same girl. Find out who wins when you watch Weird Loners online.

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Zara is practicing for an upcoming dart tournament by throwing candy into Eric’s mouth. While she is good, it is revealed that Eric also has surprisingly accurate aim.

Caryn, meanwhile, is heading out for a third date and is confident she will be spending the night with him.

Unfortunately, she is “lumped” – dumped while getting laid – and ends up drinking with Stosh at the bar. Eric is unaware that they are in a lesbian bar and is optimistic about his chances with the ladies.

When Zara’s partner, April, quits and Eric is mistaken for a lesbian, she asks him to take her place. They are a winning duo and everyone is rooting for them.

April joins Caryn and Stosh for shots, and when it is revealed that she is bisexual and interested in dates with both of them, a competition begins.

Zara doesn’t agree with Caryn using April in her sexually charged contest with Stosh. But at the same time, she is using Eric, who is unaware of Zara’s lie, to win a dart tournament.

In the end, Zara and Eric win the tournament, and Stosh and Caryn end up kissing after April ducks out of an awkward dance with the two of them.

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On Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 6, Caryn and Stosh compete for the same lady when the gang hangs out at a lesbian bar on the season finale.

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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Caryn: I don't even know why I dated this guy. It's not that this guy had a bad personality. He actually had no personality.
Stosh: I once dated a girl with multiple personalities and they were all terrible. But luckily they all had an amazing body.

To happiness, or as I like to call it, sadness in its early stages.