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It's a different place. A very 30s/40s vibe. It feels like India or Africa. A man joins a woman to talk about hunting, possibly Bengals.

The man is approached. The Governor would like to talk to him. Not interested. The woman says, "You certainly look like one of the park's offerings." he assures her he's quite real. She wants him to be a man. She shoots him in the chest and they start to get busy.

They head out on elephants to a hunt. It's not going to be like any other hunt.

When they get to the larger tent, they realize there are no other hosts around. They usually cook and entertain. The woman tries to stop a host from shooting her and her new friend, but he shoots the man. She gets away.

She's suddenly faced with a giant Bengal and off on foot to survive. She dashes off outside the perimeter which the Bengal easily crosses. The woman comes to the edge of a dam. She chooses to reload her shotgun and shoot. The Bengal lunges at her.

Bernard and Stubbs catch up with Charlotte who wonders why they can't find Peter Abernathy. Bernard recalls he and Charlotte running into the former Savior from TWD who had men and women hostage, including Abernathy. They let everyone go. Abernathy is saying he needs to get to the train when Bernard and Charlotte grab him.

Abernathy will stand and fight against the scourge who are ruining his land. He's singing Glory Glory Hallelujah.

Meanwhile, Wyatt's army is coming together nicely. She's meeting with the general. Clementine drags in a body covered in what appears to be Crisco.

Wyatt gives to the General a 21st-century weapon and he likes it very much. He welcomes her to the fort.

Sizemore and his ass are walking out behind Maeve and Hector. An Indian or two Maeve recalls from her days on the plains are coming up behind them. Hector speaks their language and discovers they'll let them go on their way as long as they can have Sizemore. Maeve tries to talk to them by saying stop and they will let them go and won't remember they saw them, but it doesn't work. They're right by a pop-up place and go downstairs.

At the fort, the soldiers have Peter Abernathy. She demands they stop torturing him because she needs to talk to him alone.

Wyatt wants Bernard tossed in jail with the rest.

Wyatt and Peter talk.

Sizemore doesn't understand why Hector and Maeve are holding hands. They're programmed to be alone. Hector is programmed to be with Isabella. When Hector starts talking, Sizemore says some of his words, but they're not in the right place anymore.

Wyatt meets with Bernard and shows her Peter. She wants him to fix Peter. They're very antagonistic toward each other.

A burning man comes racing toward Hector and Maeve.

It's Armistice with a flamethrower.

Maeve finds her two favorite fixers tied up -- hello Felix and Sylvester!

Bernard knows exactly what's going on with Peter, but fails to tell Wyatt the truth. He does say that there is a thin personality in there that's messing things up as well as him going through all of his past lives.

Charlotte finds a bunch of park guards and teams up with them.

Bernard continues messing with Peter's mind and discovers a one-time key that may be able to do something. Oh my God, he says. And we switch back to the fort and the oncoming park guards.

The General has no control over his men as he tells them to hold their ground and rounds.

Two guards are inside as Bernard is doing something to Peter. Bernard freaks out and Peter is taken.

When Wyatt sees Peter being shuffled out the back, she goes after him. Teddy goes after her. They're shooting at Charlotte and she's angry. They're going to find him.

She and Teddy have to go to Sweetwater. There's something she needs there. There are a shitload of park people coming at the fort. The Major is calling Wyatt a traitorous bitch. Bernard is floundering around in the middle of the fort, hand shaking profusely. Clementine smashes his head with the butt of her rifle.

Craddock tries to tell Teddy they're a lot alike and Teddy doesn't know who he's taking his orders from. Teddy assures Craddock they're nothing alike. As Wyatt looks on, Teddy lets them all go. She's disgusted.

The woman from the other park makes it to land only to meet the same group of Indians who were earlier trying to get Sizemore.

Sizemore finds a head under a pile of snow and says they need to get out of there right now. Maeve wants him to shush. She puts her hand up, a Samurai warrior comes at her blade drawn. The two parks have officially converged!

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Westworld Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: I am bound by my own fire that my own tears do scold like molton lead.
Wyatt: It's alright, I am here.
Peter: Dolores?
Wyatt: Daddy?
Peter: Dolores! The calf's in the field, and I'm worried. There's blue tongue spreading all through these parts.

Teddy: Who is he?
Wyatt: You don't remember. He's my father. My home. Look what I've done to him. You're all I have left now, Teddy.