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Ryan gets called to the mental hospital to pick up his mother, who wants to leave after 20 years.  Ryan has only seen her a couple times per year since he was a little boy, so he doesn't know her all that well.  She comes home with Ryan and Wilfred, and turns out to be just as crazy as ever.

Ryan attempts to bring her back to the hospital, but Wilfred is so in love with her that he conspires to get Ryan checked in instead.  After reading his suicide note (extended by Wilfred) the doctors lock him up.  They then release him three days later because Ryan has no insurance, and his mom decides to head back inside.  It is then revealed that Ryan's mother sees her cat as a woman in a cat suit.

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Wilfred Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You know how creepy I find menopausal women.


Catherine: Indian Chief, woo woo woo woo. That was a little racist but it was fun.
Wilfred: How is that racist? Indians do that all the time.