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Ryan takes Jenna's case to help her keep her job on the news.  After his first attempt doesn't work, he uses blackmail that Wilfred gave him on the station's weather man to get the job done.  The problem is that Jenna needs to take a drug test, so Ryan gets his sister to pee in a cup, and Wilfred stalls the insurance agent by running in front of her car.

Jenna got to keep her job, but Jenna thinks she's pregnant because Kristen actually is.  Jenna agrees to marry Drew, who she had previously turned down after Ryan showed Jenna how terrible Kristen's marriage was.  Kristen leaves her husband and moves to India, not know that she is pregnant.

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Wilfred Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Wilfred: Ignorance is 9/10 of the law.
Ryan: That's possession.
Wilfred: She wasn't charged with possession Ryan. I thought you were a good lawyer.

After I'm gone I don't want you and Bear fighting over my shit...or any of my other stuff.