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Ryan meets a beautiful Italian girl on the beach, but can't spend the day with her because he has to do errands for Jenna.  The next day he blows off his duties for Jenna in order to hang out with the Italian girl.

She invites Ryan to go away with her to Italy.  Wilfred hates the idea at first, but then sneaks his way into an invitation from Ryan.

Jenna gets a job as the anchor for the Noon News, but she eats Ryan's pot candy so she gets fired for being high on live tv.  Wilfred then attempts to get Ryan to stay for Jenna, but it is a dream that finally keeps Ryan home.

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Wilfred Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I was gonna get it on Kindle, but then people couldn't see how deep I am.


Well, what have we here? And what is that thing above them with the mouth and eyes?