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Diana, Liza, and Lauren are pow-wowing about what kind of press release to issue for the merger.

Charles sold the estate he and his wife had where they used to have the company parties. Diana is gutted but blames herself for hiring Liza.

Liza got a bouquet of flowers for Charles. Welcome home. 

Kelsey and Zane butt heads at the office. Are all of the books they signed dead weight? What they have, what they bid to acquire are going to be evaluated because why?

Kelsey has ideas about Mercury that Charles and Zane don't agree with. She sees Mercury as middle-aged men (and women, thanks Charles), and wants the titles she lost.

Liza assures Kelsey that Charles is enjoying being an editor and is only projecting the authority onto him. Liza thinks it's smoldering, to which Kelsey says, ew.

Liza finds a book called The Miseducation of Henry Cane that has fallen out of one of the boxes. Charles' dad said it was terrific and to get it to print immediately. It's still in a box.

Liza and Charles agree that Kelsey needs to stand up to Charles, but it's not going to make him back down so she can get her way, either.

Liza's former friends, Bob and Julia, are at the same event as Charles and Liza. Suggesting a cruise to Singapore. Then her friend Michelle is there. Her husband is Tom.

Liza almost throws up when Charles says they don't have anything to hide anymore.

Michelle calls Josh a crazy phase, and that doesn't sit well with Liza. She doesn't like that her friends think he's a keeper.

Maggie uses an analogy about ice cream to talk about Josh and Charles. When Maggie goes out with Josh and Lauren, she settles in to read a book.

Josh is selling his motorcycle. He's rethinking his priorities. He offers her one last spin, but she declines.

Mercury has a book called Arabian Sea about a captain and the sea, but Kelsey wants something sexier. Liza suggests the book she found after likening it to Nicholas Sparks. It's unfinished, but if Kelsey likes it, maybe Liza can get Charles to connect with the author.

At the baptism of Enzo's neice, Diana discovers Enzo drops all his girlfriends after a year. The godmother to his godfather is one of them.

Liza gets a text from Josh. One last spin.

Charles is shocked when Kelsey handles him the manuscript. He's the author, of course.

Enzo proposes to Diana right in front of the church after the baptism. She says yes!

Liza is using Charles' book to reconsider her romance with Josh. He tells Liza about the book. He didn't finish it because he realized it would hurt too many people. He knew what it was like to be that young heedless man and understood the woman in her 40s being bored with her life and needing validation. 

As they stand outside the party, they promise never to do anything together they don't want to do. They don't waste any time, running away from the party laughing.



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Younger Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Kelsey: After looking over your current acquisitions, I feel that this book would be much better suited as a Millennial title.
Zane: You lost that book! You can't just poach it because you want it!
Kelsey: It's just a better fit for Millennial. A story about a young woman who may or may not be a killer? It's a real-life Gone Girl.

Diana: Do you ever feel like a giant wrecking ball?
Liza: He didn't sell the house because of me.
Diana: It's OK. I blame myself. I'm the one who hired you. At the time, I thought you were more stalwart than seductive.