On Younger Season 6 Episode 1, everyone is adjusting to their new normal, but no one seems particularly happy about getting their heart's desires.

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On Younger Season 6 Episode 1, Charles enjoys his newfound free time, Kelsey starts her first day as publisher at Empirical/Millennial, and Josh gets a DNA to find out if he's the father of Claire's unborn baby.

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Kelsey makes her debut as a publisher, quickly realizing that the company is in trouble; the new regime -- and a revelation about Liza -- sends Diana into a crisis; Josh finds out the paternity of Clare's baby.

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Younger Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Kelsey, listen to me. You are a role model for every young girl with an English degree who wants to believe that she didn't throw away four years of her life, okay?


Kelsey: Are you okay?
Liza: I am so happy for you, Kelsey. And I will do everything I can to support you. It's just he gave up a lot for me.
Kelsey: Yeah, he did. I know that this is his family legacy, and we're going to make it stronger than it's ever been.