11 Beloved Couples Whose 'Ships Sunk

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We have all done it. We see two characters with ample amounts of chemistry and thus our shipping begins! 

Then the glorious day comes when that couple FINALLY gets together and our little shipper hearts burst with joy as the couple skips off into their happy ending! 

But what happens when our ship hits that metaphorical iceberg and starts slipping into the big icy blue sea? They sink and not even their cute couple moniker can save them. 

Let's take a look at 11 couples that called it quits this season! 

1. Arrow - Oliver and Felicity

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity
Arrow was all about Olicity until Felicity couldn’t get past the fact that Oliver had a child with another woman. Talk about jealousy! Even after Samantha explained to Felicity that it was she who ordered Oliver not to tell her about William, Felicity still wasn’t satisfied and ended their relationship.Yet, she continued to work with Oliver and vowed to stay when everyone else left at the end of the season. It makes you wonder if Olicity will rise from the dead? We hope not.

2. Castle - Beckett and Castle

Castle - Beckett and Castle
Fans rooted for Castle and Beckett to finally become a couple for four seasons. We were beyond thrilled when it finally happened at the end of Castle season 4. Granted we weren’t happy when the season 6 wedding was sidelined for a silly abduction story but the ‘ship still sailed and the romance lived on…until Castle season 8.

Suddenly the love story that was supposed to last for “Always” got sidelined by some ridiculous conspiracy called LokSat. Kate left Castle in order to protect him, which never made any sense. Castle let her walk out the door and even when they finally got back together, they lied to all of their friends about cheating. What had once been an epic romance sunk right before our eyes and fans were left with 30 seconds of happily ever after to appease them after the eight seasons they invested in this ‘ship.

3. The Good Wife - Alicia and Jason

The Good Wife - Alicia and Jason
Alicia and Jason spent all of that final season getting closer. When they finally got together, fans cheered. When Alicia asked Peter for a divorce, it felt like there was real hope. And Jason disappeared at the series end with no explanation. Was that the end for this ship? We'll never know.

4. Scorpion - Happy and Toby

Scorpion - Happy and Toby
We couldn't have been happier when Happy and Toby finally took the chance on a real relationship, despite Walter's concerns about them ruining the team. Everything appeared to be going so well, especially when Toby had a special engagement ring made for his true love. After a brush with death, Toby couldn't wait to pop the question, but no one expected Happy to say no...because she was already married! Does that mean this 'ship has sunk for good. We certainly hope not but we'll have no answers until Scorpion season 3 returns next fall.

5. Gotham - Jim Gordan and Dr. Lee Thompkins

Gotham - Jim Gordan and Dr. Lee Thompkins
Jim Gordon and Dr. Lee Thompkins have been to hell and back since they started dating back in Season 1. Lee has tolerated Jim’s lies, his obsessive devotion to Bruce Wayne, and his continual dallying with the dark side of When she became pregnant this year, it should have been a bright light in Jim’s dark world. Instead, he shunned her after being convicted for Officer Pinkney’s murder. She left Gotham and lost the baby. Jim ended Season 2 determined to find her, but will he be able to un-sink this ship?

6. The Flash - Barry and Iris

The Flash - Barry and Iris
This ship had just barely launched when Barry decided to change the game and go back in time. I'm sure I'm on my own, but I'm not feeling Barry and Iris on The Flash at this point anyway. Time to move on from them and give both an actual interesting love interest. Patty was great for Barry, bring her back. Iris needs a storyline outisde of Barry. If they really are end game, maybe this ship will resurface some day but right now, it'd dead on the water.

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