11 Biggest Disappointments of 2018

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You may not even remember some of the shows on this list.

Recalling others may make your face red.

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That's what happens when a highly anticipated television project becomes one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

Tell us whether you agree or disagree and what disappointing venture of yours didn't make the list!

1. The Sinner Season 2 - USA

The Sinner Season 2 - USA
Carrie Coon couldn't make sense of the predictable drivel that came from writers other than novel writer, Petra Hammesfahr. They tried to push the boundaries as was done in The Sinner Season 1, but it was a mess.

2. The Purge - USA

The Purge - USA
With all the time available on TV, the show could have been much more than a ten-hour Purge night, but saving money on the gimmick might have been more appealing. The ties to the world outside of Purge night were nothing but left-wing propaganda for 2018, and that's lazy given The Purge series has been in existence since 2013 when a "Trump America" wasn't even a twinkle in anyone's eyes.

3. Camping - HBO

Camping - HBO
Jennifer Garner returned to television for a role that made her look like a witch and her TV husband, David Tennant, look like a sniveling, egotistical, idiot. Not one of the characters had a redeeming quality. It was just awful.

4. Altered Carbon - Netflix

Altered Carbon - Netflix
Altered Carbon had all of the pieces to make a great sci-fi franchise, but what it lacked was relatable characters. The good news is the renewed series will return with a new cast since everyone lives in borrowed bodies.

5. The X-Files Season 11 - FOX

The X-Files Season 11 - FOX
Do you even remember that The X-Files aired in 2018? Although The X-Files Season 11 Episode 4, "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat," was a fun standalone episode, the installments banking on the mythos of seasons past fell woefully short. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny didn't even seem to be enjoying themselves anymore. Stick a fork in it.

6. Westworld Season 2 - HBO

Westworld Season 2 - HBO
Westworld Season 2 should have been an extension of Westworld Season 1 after the explosive finale, but there was very little to connect to as the characters lost their footing any progress they had made. It was only when we were given backstory on characters previously unknown that a little light shined through, and that wasn't nearly enough to sustain a season.

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