11 Popular Shows That Belong In The Trash

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Yes, we're going there. We're pitting The Walking Dead against Empire. And we're pitting them against This Is Us and This Is Us against Arrow. 

For what? For the show that should win the Gilded Bullshirt Award. It's over-hyped, over-loved and OVER, if we have anything to do with it.

Our writers are crying BULLSHIRT on these shows. Agree or disagree?

Click below to vote for the show that you think is absolute garbage, but everyone else loves:

The Gilded Bullshirt Award

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1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead has maybe one or two great episodes a season, and the rest are just plain boring. Did we really need to watch 90 minutes of them driving around in a trailer for the season finale? Why didn't they use the rocket launcher to break through any of those roadblocks? Sure the last ten minutes were interesting, but then they made us wait all summer (and two commercial breaks) to find out who died. I finally decided to stop torturing myself after the premiere and gave up on it. (TV Fanatic gives up on this comment.)

2. Kevin Can Wait/The Great Indoors/Man With a Plan...Especially

Kevin Can Wait/The Great Indoors/Man With a Plan...Especially
The new CBS comedies. All of them. Why are so many people watching these unfunny sitcoms? Kevin Can Wait, The Great Indoors, and especially Man with a Plan are so simple and trite. There are so many comedies that are smarter, wittier, and better written. I just don't understand the ratings for these. If you like the actors, do yourself a favor and binge watch Episodes or Community instead. (TV Fanatic likes simple and complex comedy, because TV Fanatic just likes to laugh.)

3. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of those shows I find so abhorrent that even the commercials make smoke come out of my ears. Nobody but an absolute mindless dullard can be as optimistic and up as Kimmy. Overact much? Is she always on stage? Why the constant screaming? Ugh. There is nobody I'd rather break more than the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Sorry, Kim. (TV Fanatic doesn't care about what this person thinks.)

4. Modern Family

Modern Family
Modern Family used to be a great show. Just look at all of those Emmys and Golden Globe awards…and at the time, Modern Family deserved it. The show was smart and funny and gave us an inside look into a diverse and loving family. But over the last season or two that witty, wonderful dialogue has been replaced with slapstick humor and sex jokes. Maybe it’s because the kids are all older, but the writers can’t seem to find a way to make them interesting without wading into the gutter and it’s just not funny. We expected better. (TV Fanatic thinks maybe the kids should move out of the house now.)

5. Preacher

There are only two words for Preacher: pure garbage. Probably the most aggravating part of this show was Tulip turning from a bad ass to a whiny little girl who only wanted to know that Jesse really did love her. And, what was the point of us getting invested in a season of characters only to kill them all off in the end? What a complete waste of time. (TV Fanatic thinks to each his own.) "

6. Arrow

Arrow is the stupidest show on television. It’s amazing that it’s survived for five seasons. Oliver Queen is nothing more than a Batman wannabe, and he’s a horrible one at that. He’s whiny and annoying, and the bad guys he faces are an absolute embarrassment. How many brain cells do people lose when they watch this show? (TV Fanatic is trying to breathe in response to this comment.)

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