11 Deliciously Dark Characters: What Are They Hiding?

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Sexy characters with dark secrets are pretty much the norm on TV these days.

For every Emily Thorne, there is a Nancy Botwin.  Some of these characters are not necessarily evil, they just need to go beyond the law to get stuff done and we can't blame them.

Then there's the ones like Dexter Morgan, who are royally breaking the law, but feel like they are doing the public a service for ridding civilization of the vile people who inhabit it.

Yes, these secrets come in a variety of of different forms, but they really make for some first class television and the TV landscape wouldn't be the same without them.

Have a look through our picture gallery of these hotties with dark secrets.

1. Rose - Jane The Virgin

Rose - Jane The Virgin
We knew Sin Rostro was one evil individual, but the reveal that Rafael's step-mother, who was sleeping with his father aswell as his sister was one of the most shocking of the season. Who'd have guessed this HOT redhead could be so cruel?

2. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke - Revenge

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke - Revenge
Her revenge plot may be over, but Amanda Clarke posed as Emily Thorne in the Hamptons for four seasons in order to make the Grayson's pay for the hell they put her family through. In the process she had MANY steamy encounters with people from the town.

3. Barbie - Under The Dome

Barbie - Under The Dome
He may have been quick to get between Julia's sheets, but just before the dome came down, he killed her husband. I think this is one of the more twisted on the list.

4. Marisol - Devious Maids

Marisol - Devious Maids
Marisol posed as a maid in order to find out the truth about a murder that found her son in the frame. She proved that she was good at her job and even made some life long friends. She now lives in a massive house and has published a novel. Who says maids can't go up in the world?

5. Liza - Younger

Liza - Younger
We can't deny that Sutton Foster looks HOT as her character Liza in TV Land's Younger. Her character is actually in her forties and is posing as a 26 year old in order to get a job and kickstart her life after her divorce.

6. Dan - Gossip Girl

Dan - Gossip Girl
Who'd have guessed that after getting down and dirty with the high class socialites of The Upper East Side, that we'd find out it was Dan who was the elusive blogger? Not us. It didn't make much sense, but in the end, he got his Queen. Better late than never, right?

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