12 Characters Who Wasted Our Time in 2015

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What happens when a character gets on our nerves?

It feels like they're just chewing up the scenery in all the best shots and taking away from time that could be well spent with the characters we DO love, that's what happens.

The 12 characters listed below have the distinction of wasting our time in 2015. 

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1. Patty Spivot - The Flash

Patty Spivot - The Flash
Patty from The Flash. We really, really want to like her but just can't get on board. Her and Barry seem really forced and we are just not feeling it.

2. Ashildr/Me - Doctor Who

Ashildr/Me - Doctor Who
Ashildr/Me from Doctor Who quickly devolved into an unlikable karma Houdini. Is her story tragic? Surely, but no more so than many others, so her attitude, behavior, and treatment of other characters grate on the nerves in short order. And now she has a TARDIS, too. Really?

3. Sally Langston - Scandal

Sally Langston - Scandal
Sally Langston on Scandal. Thankfully she’s been relegated to a far right wing talking head but even with only a scene or two a week she’s difficult to watch as she almost literally chews on the scenery with every word. She may serve as a counterpoint to the President’s agenda but each time she hits the screen we roll our eyes so hard it almost hurts.

4. Jerry Tyson - Castle

Jerry Tyson - Castle
Jerry Tyson (3XK) on Castle. The diabolical serial killer first turned up in Castle Season 3 when he set up his former cellmate to take the fall for his killings, until Rick figured out the truth. Ruining 3XK’s plans put Castle on his hit list. Tyson re-emerged in Castle Season 5 when he tried to set Rick up for a horrific murder.

Later, with the help of his psychotic partner in crime Dr. Kelly Nieman, Tyson made his latest victims look like people Castle cared about. It took until the epic Castle Season 7 two-parter for Rick Castle (with the help of Ryan and Esposito’s sniper training) to take Jerry Tyson down for good as Kate Beckett ended Dr. Nieman. It was time for this villain to come to an end, but that doesn’t mean Castle fans won’t miss the smart and scary cat and mouse game he played with our heroes.

5. Howard Lyman - The Good Wife

Howard Lyman - The Good Wife
Howard Lyman on The Good Wife. Howard is a partner in a law firm where he frequently lounges around in his underwear. What began as a joke of a character has just turned cringe worthy. Howard makes sexist comments about all of the women and racist comments about anyone who doesn’t look like him.

Partner or no, he should have been forced out long ago, but instead even Diane make excuses for him to stay. It’s become difficult to watch but given that Howard just got engaged to Jackie, we’ll probably be seeing more of him instead of less.

6. Heretics Nora and Mary Louse - The Vampire Diaries

Heretics Nora and Mary Louse - The Vampire Diaries
Mary Louise and Nora on The Vampire Diaries. I really WANT to care about their story, because I think it's quite unique...but they just spend so much time whining and fighting that I just can't. I feel like the time wasted on them could be spent on Bonnie, Matt, Alaric, or any other established character, really. There are so many plots going on right now that theirs, unfortunately, just needs to go.

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