12 Ride or Die Couples We'll Support Forever

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7. Emma and Killian - Once Upon a Time

Emma and Killian - Once Upon a Time
Captain Swan on Once Upon a Time. It feels like Emma and Killian took just about forever to be in a comfortable and happy place. They've passed the True Love test, they've moved in, and even though they still do stupid things that could affect their future (i.e. those Savior Shears) there's absolutely nothing that either of them could do that would make me root against them. In a show full of magic, their romance is probably the most magical.

8. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Maybe I'm alone in this, but by The Vampire Diaries series end, I'm hoping for Damon and Elena to be human together and to see a montage through the end of their life together. Kids, grandkids, the whole nine yards. Dying in each others arms would be a nice perk. They've been through enough hell (and murdering, sure, there is that) to have earned just a little happiness. In my fantasy world, anyway. Even if it's only with the back of Elena's head, make it so TVD. This is my ride or die vamp couple, and why I watched.

9. Jamie and Claire Fraser - Outlander

Jamie and Claire Fraser - Outlander
You can't mention Ride or Die couples without mentioning Claire and Jamie Fraser from Outlander am I right? I mean these two travel through time to get to one another, they love each other so much. They've been through hell and back as a couple, facing things individually and together that would surely destroy the average couple and yet they always beat the odds. Whether it's leading a rebellion, plotting a murder, or killing together, it's always painfully clear that this couple is written in the stars and destined to be together. Their chemistry is both sweet and smoldering, as evidenced by many of their steamy scenes together. I mean, their last "goodbye" in the season 2 finale, they got down right and dirty. Sorry to any Frank fans, but we all know he's irrelevant. Jamie and Claire are meant to be.

10. Norma and Alex - Bates Motel

Norma and Alex - Bates Motel
Norma Bates and Alex Romero on Bates Motel fell into an actual romance late in the game, and only because Norma forced the issue under the guise of needing insurance for Norman. But the passion had been heating up between them for years prior. They were so stubborn, and in the short time they loved, it was genuine and more real than anything either had experienced before. It made what Norman did to Norma all the more gut wrenching. Here's hoping Romero's love doesn't send him to an early grave, too.

11. Laurel and Gareth - BrainDead

Laurel and Gareth - BrainDead
Laureth on BrainDead took my breath away. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Tveit had amazing chemistry as Laurel and Gareth. They made the show rise above the ashes that were the ratings, along with the co-stars, of course, but in the love category, they had a hashtag! C'mon. For a little summer show, that's amazing. Every scene they shared was electric. They sang, they danced and all from opposite sides of the political spectrum. It was a miracle! My hope is they're one day cast against each other again, because they're magical together.

12. Mickey and Ian - Shameless

Mickey and Ian - Shameless
No matter whether Mickey and Ian end up together, they have been an amazing couple over the past few years. Mickey going to Mexico does not need to mean the end of the couple. Somehow, they will wind up back together.

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