12 Crazy TV Moments That Left Us Muttering: WTF?!?

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7. Thad Goes Splat - Younger

Thad Goes Splat - Younger
Thad went splat on Younger, but he has a twin brother! That was shocking. Thad's death was WTF enough, and frankly it was good to say byebye, because he was not holding up his end of any bargains. But then we discovered there was an exact duplicte, who just might have a thing for Kelsey, too. Is this who she should be with in the end? Dun dun DUN!

8. Laurel was Lanced - Arrow

Laurel was Lanced - Arrow
They killed off Laurel Lance. Seriously? So. much. disappointment. After seasons of waiting for her character to get proper material, especially after becoming Black Canary, all they could think of was to kill her. Considering I could have written better material for the character and made her fit into the landscape in a more natural way (even dying more naturally), that only takes the disappointment to catastrophic levels. WTF indeed.

9. The Slap - The Good Wife

The Slap - The Good Wife
Diane slaps Alicia in the final moments of the series. Many fans were outraged that this is how the series, essentially, ended. No closure, handfulls of unanswered questions, and seeing the character they followed for 7 years get a big smack in the face.

10. The Dreaded Twin - Jane the Virgin

The Dreaded Twin - Jane the Virgin
Petra has a twin sister. We know that it's a telenovela, and that we should always be on alert for the unexpected. But this one really left us scratching out heads.

11. A Car Crash - Awkward

A Car Crash - Awkward
Sadie crashing the truck after arguing with Siri. Even when she faces death, she still manages to make us laugh out loud!

12. Flash to the Future - Castle

Flash to the Future - Castle
The very end of Castle. Caleb Brown returns from the dead to break into the Castle loft and shoot both Castle and then we saw Beckett! Kate crawled across the floor so that they lay there together, bleeding, and it looked like it was the end for our beloved couple before a hasty flash forwarded seven years into the future showed fans a happy ending with Castle, Beckett, and their three children. We're still wondering what the hell just happened.

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