13 Ex-Girlfriends Who Give Crazy New Meaning

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Call Rebecca Bunch whatever you’d like; certifiable, wacky, insane, cool, horrible, hilarious, or maybe even crazy. We won’t disagree on any of those terms. 
There is one thing that you have to call the actress who portrays the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom, and that’s a Golden Globe winner and a Critic’s Choice Award winner for Best Actress in a Comedy Television Series. 
Before Rebecca Bunch came onto our television screens, there were many other crazy ex-girlfriends on television, each with their own unique brand of insanity and moments that made us want to shake our heads in exasperation, not written to be quite as sympathetic as Bunch is. 
Some were horrible while others were horribly wonderful, but all of these ladies have a little bit of insanity that tickles our fancy!
We compiled a list of some of our favorite nutty television ex-girlfriends. See if yours made our list and tell us who your favorite crazy ex is!

1. Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries
Katherine was dead set on anything and everything to ruin the lives of her exes, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, and their friends. One of her craziest acts? Pretending to be her doppelganger Elena in order to make Damon believe that Elena had kissed him. Katherine has moved on from The Vampire Diaries, and the men she left behind, but damn if we don’t miss her every single week.

2. Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
It’s not entirely crazy to move to the opposite side of the country to find happiness, right? It is when your only connection to your new town is your former summer camp boyfriend! Rebecca is trying everything in her wheelhouse to prove that she didn’t move to West Covina, California for Josh Chan, but based on the title of the show alone, it’s pretty clear what’s really going on here.

3. Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren - Orange is the New Black

Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren - Orange is the New Black
Suzanne Warren had a very short lived romance with fellow inmate Piper Chapman…in fact it was so short lived, Piper wasn’t even aware of it. Suzanne’s love for Piper continued in bizarre ways. Anyone else remember that time that Crazy Eyes peed on the floor in front of Piper’s bed? Talk about marking your territory.

4. Jan Levinson - The Office

Jan Levinson - The Office
Jan Levinson had some very destructive tendencies and thankfully we got to see them all play out before she bid farewell to The Office. After being dumped by Michael Scott, she got a boob job in order to win back his affections. Her odd behavior didn’t stop there. During the most uncomfortable sales pitch for her candle company ever, we found out that she had made Michael get a vasectomy, and then have it reversed, only to change her mind again and reverse THOSE effects. (Snip Snap! Snip Snap!) Jan even went so far as to tell Michael, after she had an artificially inseminated baby when their romance ended, that he shouldn’t date Holly, the woman he’d go on to marry. Jan Levinson, you beautiful mess, we’ll let you sing “Son of a Preacher Man” to us any day.

5. Saffron - Firefly

Saffron - Firefly
Saffron tricked Mal into a wedding. She used her feminine wiles to get him to consummate that marriage…and then revealed herself to be a con artist, one who would go toe to toe with the crew of Serenity more than once. Turns out Saffron the crazy ex of many men and poor Mal was just another sucker, naked and alone in the desert. Well, that went well.

6. Gail - The Grinder

Gail - The Grinder
Christina Applegate’s guest starring role on the Rob Lowe hit was completely insane! Gail, Dean’s former girlfriend, goes to great lengths to convince him that she has no idea that he’s famous, including hiding her television! She’s even convinced Dean that he should be a father figure to her son…the 23 year old Toby. Dean dodges the crazy bullet, but only just barely. Gail is one crazy ex we hope to see again someday.

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