13 Favorite Moments from The Big Bang Theory Season 8

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From battling mothers and special guest stars to a night in Las Vegas, The Big Bang Theory Season 8 gave us a season filled with both funny and emotional moments.

Check out a few of our favorites below! There's even a tribute to "Fun with Flags."

1. Drunken Amy and Bernadette

When the ladies head to Las Vegas for a fun girls' weekend, plans change when Penny is forced to work in the hotel room instead of going out. Amy and Bernadette head out without it, returning completely drunk. There's really nothing quite like a drunken Amy and Bernadette!

2. Sheldon Learns About Miley Cyrus

Sheldon knows so much, but when it comes to popular culture, he often needs a lesson or two. When Raj and Sheldon try an experiment to test whether or not they could survive a dark-matter research expedition, Sheldon proposes they pass the time by singing grim "mining songs." Raj suggests they sing Miley Cyrus instead, then has to explain (in detail) who Miley Cyrus is.

3. Sheldon and Penny Discuss Post Prom Rituals

The group plans a prom-like party that both Penny and Sheldon are reluctant to attend. When Sheldon suggests to Penny how they might cope with the situation, he admits (sort of?) that he could be willing to participate in post prom mating with Amy -- that is, as an alien, of course.

4. Nose Problems

Leonard decides to have surgery to fix his deviated septum, and Sheldon panics, assuming the worst will happen. By the end of it, they both end up with bandaged noses, perfect for Penny's Christmas card.

5. Fun with Flags!

Sheldon and Amy air the final episode of "Fun with Flags," which includes a segment on highlights throughout the years. So here it is, the best of "Fun with Flags," which includes Sheldon dressed up as Betsy Ross. You're welcome.

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