13 Hot Hookups That Were Worth Waiting For

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Most of today's television shows have that one couple: the will-they-won't-they, the one that viewers watch, and longingly await that moment...the moment when they're FINALLY about to give in to their desires, and we all yell, "Just hook up already!"

From love that spanned the 60's to a hot hookup in prison, these couples showed us that sometimes, when you're really patient, the end result makes the journey there all the better.

This Sexy Saturday, here are 13 hookups that were totally worth waiting for. 

1. Nick and Jess, New Girl

Nick and Jess, New Girl
Nick and Jess danced around one another, showing glimmers of jealousy over each other's many significant others over several seasons, but never showed one another any sign of having feelings that were more than friendly. After an epic game of True American, the roomies were forced into a corner to kiss, and forced to come to terms with the fact that they just might want to be more than roomies. When Nick finally pulled Jess in for an uber hot kiss in their loft hallway, jaws dropped, and collective sighs were let out from couches across the country,

2. Booth and Brennan, Bones

Booth and Brennan, Bones
Booth and Brennan tip toed around one another for six seasons, solving crimes. They each spent their fair share of time being jealous over one another’s significant others. Both Brennan and Booth each realized their feelings for the other, but the timing was never right. So deep into season five, when they shared a kiss and Booth finally admitted to Brennan that he was completely in love with her, we cheered, thinking that was it! But sadly, Brennan didn’t want to ruin their friendship, and instead, we had to sit through another season waiting for the doctor and the detective to finally make it work. So when Brennan finally crawled into bed with Booth, and they made a baby, a sigh of relief never sounded so good in our living rooms. The hookup holdup was fine by me with results like that.

3. Peggy and Stan, Mad Men

Peggy and Stan, Mad Men
They were competitive co-workers, who grew into friends... best friends, in fact. Over the years, Peggy confided in Stan, shared late nights with him, and they had one very "sexy" hotel room copy session. Stan was, outside of Don and Pete, the only person in Peggy's life to whom she ever willingly opened up about the son she gave up for adoption. Peggy and Stan were the realtionship you didn't know you shipped until it was right in front of you. Peggy didn't even realize that she loved Stan until his admission of love to her over the phone. Just as Peggy reached the end of her own love realization monologue, Stan arrived at her office to finally, after much delay, plant one on Peggy.

4. Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries
Back when Caroline first became a vampire, and Stefan helped her curb her bloodlust, we saw that first spark that made us think, maybe... just MAYBE. But Stefan was in love with Elena, and frankly, we forgot about it. As the years went on, and Elena moved on to Damon, Stefan and Caroline's growing closeness became the slowest burn in Mystic Falls. When the pair finally realized that they loved each other, and shared that incredibly hot (albeit, incredibly poorly timed) first kiss, Steroline fans rejoiced around the world.

5. Emma and Hook, Once Upon a Time

Emma and Hook, Once Upon a Time
From his arrival in Storybrooke, Hook had his eye on Emma, the town sheriff and the savior. They clearly had sexual tension, like immediately, but Emma was far too moral to ever allow herself to fall for the evil Captain Hook. When he helped to save her father though, Emma began to change her tune, and see that maybe Hook wasn't such a bad guy after all. Although it would strip her of her magic, and Hook tried incredibly hard to thwart her from doing so, when Emma finally kissed him, for REAL... that was real magic worth waiting for.

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