13 Reasons We Can't Stop Thinking About Veep

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We know Leslie Knope's dreams came true on Parks and Recreation. We saw her happy ending.

But here we are in the middle of an election year, and another of our favorite funny politicians is out there swinging in the wind.

That's right. Selina Meyer may be the focus of Veep (we think...WE HOPE), but as of the end of Veep Season 5, she's not the Vice President nor the President anymore!

But for many reasons, we still can't stop thinking about it. Find out why. 

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1. Julia Louis-Dryfus Never Gets Old

Julia Louis-Dryfus Never Gets Old
No matter how you want to look at that phrase, it remains true. Her sense of humor, her delivery, her timing and her face – they're all aging not gracefully, but beautifully. She becomes Selina Meyer and we love her.

2. Non-Partisan Pokes and Jabs

Non-Partisan Pokes and Jabs
Veep is a political show with very little partisan politics involved. While that's nearly impossible in the real world, in the world of Veep you're not going to hear Democrat or Republican while everyone is happily tearing one another apart. They just tear into everyone equally. Issues are discussed, but there's something for everyone.

3. Non-Stop Put Downs

Non-Stop Put Downs
You know those days when you just want to tell everyone you know where they can stuff it, but you can't because it's real life? The people on Veep just let the insults fly, and if living vicariously through them is all we get, we'll take it.

4. Incompetence and Politics = Duh

Incompetence and Politics = Duh
Why wouldn't we want to watch a show about the incompetence in the White House? Finally, a series understands what we see from the outside happens on the inside, too! Surely, real life has these staggeringly horrific moments of ineptitude.

5. Tony Hale is Hilarious & Heartbreaking

Tony Hale is Hilarious & Heartbreaking
We loved him on Arrested Development, and as Gary Walsh on Veep, Tony Hale almost seems like Buster Bluth in the White House. He's nearly as devoted to the Veep as Bluth was to his mother. It's impossible not to wish he'd be recognized for all he does.

6. Now We Know What Happened to My Girl

Now We Know What Happened to My Girl
OK, so that's not true. But didn't everyone wonder how Anna Chlumsky would grow up? It turns out, she's beautiful, has incredible comedic timing and a more enviable career than Macaulay Culkin. Well, any career would probably be more enviable. Chlumsky is a winner.

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