13 Romances Ruined By Age

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7. Josh and Maya - Girl Meets World

Josh and Maya - Girl Meets World
Did anyone else forget that Maya was in middle school when she and Riley saw Josh touring a college campus? They may have decided to wait until Maya got older, but it was weird that Josh was romantically interested in a child.

8. Mike and Eleven - Stranger Things

Mike and Eleven - Stranger Things
This one is a bit of a different situation. Mike and Eleven are just so young that it feels weird wanting them to be in a romantic relationship. A crush is fine, but it would be better to watch their relationship evolve as they grow older.

9. Puck and Shelby - Glee

Puck and Shelby - Glee
This was one of Glee's weirdest storylines ever. On one hand, it made sense that Puck and Shelby developed feelings for each other while spending time with the baby they both loved. But Puck dated her daughter and it made everything just plain weird.

10. Belle and Rumpelstiltskin - Once Upon a Time

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin - Once Upon a Time
To be fair, age wasn't the main reason this relationship was horrible, but it can definitely be thrown in there. Belle and Rumple's relationship was a toxic disaster and his son was probably older than she was.

11. Seth and Kate - From Dusk Till Dawn

Seth and Kate - From Dusk Till Dawn
We have to admit that we still love Seth and Kate, but the show would have been much better if Kate was older. There was a debate of whether or not 18-year-old Kate should be with Seth who was in his 30's and ultimately it didn't happen. If there was less of an age difference, there would have been a better chance of it happening and we would have been even more on board.

12. Mona and Mason - The Perfectionists

Mona and Mason - The Perfectionists
Does no one else think this relationship is extremely weird? Mason is a teenager straight out of high school and Mona is a grown woman with a career at the college he's attending. They have good chemistry, but the age difference makes it hard to get on board.

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