14 Shows You Should be Watching NOW!

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7. The Americans - Tuesdays - FX

The Americans - Tuesdays - FX
Now in its fifth season, The Americans is more nuanced and understated than ever. As KGB agents, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are fighting the Americans, their enemy, while they live among them and raise their children as if they are nothing but. Their teenage daughter is in on the family secret and learning the trade.

Yet their thoughts are becoming more ambiguous as they learn more about the corruption in the Soviet Union and they are pushed to their personal limits on behalf of their country while their family suffers. As the leads, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell know their characters as well as they know themselves, and their performances radiate more without words than others could even dream. Jump onto Amazon Prime to binge the early seasons. You want to know what all the fuss is about.

8. Jane the Virgin - Mondays - The CW

Jane the Virgin - Mondays - The CW
If you haven't already fallen in love with Jane the Virgin, you need to get started now. Currently in its 3rd season, Jane has something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to a female protagonist that is ridiculously endearing and relatable, there are three generations of compelling women, love triangles, crazy telenovelas, crime lords, and an omniscient narrator that provides endlessly entertaining and hilarious commentary.

It can be tough to seamlessly switch back and forth from comedy to drama while also throwing in quirky stylistic choices, but Jane the Virgin pulls it off. I can't say enough wonderful things about this gem of a show.

9. Designated Survivor - Wednesdays - ABC

Designated Survivor - Wednesdays - ABC
If you're looking for an exciting political thriller to take you away from the realities of the current political scene look no further than Designated Survivor. President Kirkman won't entertain you with daily Twitter storms, but you'll be intrigued by his intelligent decision-making in a time of crisis. Plus, there's the great mystery of who was responsible for the capitol bombing. Could it actually be someone on his staff? Mystery, intrigue and drama. What more can you ask for?

10. Underground - Wednesdays - WGN America

Underground - Wednesdays - WGN America
This is not your standard slave narrative. Underground is an action-packed, suspense-thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat with every episode. There is always a twist and/or revelation that will leave your jaw on the floor. It has one of the strongest casts on television and some of the most incredible three-dimensional, complex characters that you'll find anywhere.

Before you assume it's archaic or stifling because of the time period and subject matter, you should know the show bolsters some of the strongest, fiercest, most well-written females you'll find in any show, let alone a historical thriller. And it still manages to be relevant, tackling controversial and uncomfortable topics head-on without once being too preachy. It has action, suspense, romance, intrigue, great music, and incredible cinematography. Once you watch, you won't be able to stop.

11. Scorpion - Mondays - CBS

Scorpion - Mondays - CBS
Scorpion is a fun procedural that really puts the characters at the forefront of the show. Scorpion will warm your heart, make your stomach hurt with laughter, and make you fall in love with everyone who is a part of Team Scorpion. If you want a fun show that doesn't take the cases too seriously, then Scorpion is definitely worth your time. Beware: the show does know how to make you bawl your eyes out, but the pain is oh so good.

12. The Blacklist: Redemption - Thursdays - NBC

The Blacklist: Redemption - Thursdays - NBC
The Blacklist: Redemption is one fun hour of television. You don't have to be a fan of The Blacklist to enjoy the adventures of Tom Keen as tries to unravel the mystery of his parents while trying to save the world. If you were a fan of Leverage, this might be right up your alley!

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