16 Soulful Singers Who Make Us Swoon

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7. Liv - iZombie

Liv - iZombie
Whenever Liv eats a brain, she absorbs that person's personality. So, when Liv ate the brain of a country-western singer, we were treated to her alluringly soft voice and accoustic guitar skills. The emotion and vulnerability she expresses in her song is enough to make our hearts skip a beat!

8. Jesse - Full House

Jesse - Full House
Jesse had it all - the hair, the attitude, the sex appeal, and the voice of a rock star. He sang all the time with his band, but we truly melted when he sang "Forever" by the Beach Boys to Becky at their wedding. Have mercy!

9. Veronica - Veronica Mars

Veronica - Veronica Mars
Private Eye-in-training Veronica Mars is willing to do whatever it takes to solve a case, even get up in front of a crowd to sing karaoke. She seizes the moment and uses her song choice to send a message, not to mention getting the crowd roaring with Blondie's "One Way or Another!"

10. Juliette and Rayna - Nashville

Juliette and Rayna - Nashville
They may differ in age and style, but when these two come together, they make beautiful music. These lovely ladies may not always get along behind the scenes, but you would never be able to tell when they are on stage singing in perfect harmony.

11. Big Trouble - Star

Big Trouble - Star
Star, Simone, and Alex make up the gorgeous and uber-talented members of Big Trouble. These ladies have the voices, dance moves, and costumes that just scream sex appeal. When they're performing, it's hard to take your eyes off of them. Why would you want to?

12. Rebecca - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Rebecca may be crazy, but she's pretty, and she certainly can carry a tune. That's a good thing too, considering she is known to burst into song at any moment. Part of her appeal is the humor she brings to her music, which is fun and light. She knows how to captivate her audience!

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