13 Super Soap Couples, Part 2

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7. Simon and Katie - As The World Turns

Simon and Katie - As The World Turns
It all started with a drunken one-night-stand and a marriage of convenience. Not exactly the fairy tale beginning you'd expect but that didn't stop their feelings for one another from growing into more. For a long time Simon was too stubborn to admit his love for Katie but after almost losing her more than once, the two had the marriage of their dreams, this time for love. Their romance may not have ended in happily ever after but that didn't make it any less memorable.

8. Ridge and Brooke - The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge and Brooke - The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke Logan instantly fell in love with Ridge Forrester even though he was engaged to someone else. They've both married and had children with other people but fate continually pulls these two back together again and again and again.

9. Doug and Julie - Days of Our Lives

Doug and Julie - Days of Our Lives
Although many people mistake General Hospital's Luke and Laura as the soaps first super couple, they are mistaken. That title belongs to Doug and Julie Williams whose portrayers, Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth fell in love offscreen as well. The couple even made the cover of Time magazine in 1976. The show teased Doug and Julie's on-again / off-again romance until it culminated in one of the most extravagant weddings imaginable for the time. Even local LA media were invited to attend the event. The best part, this super couple is still married (in real life and on the show) and visit Salem regularly.

10. Frisco and Felicia - General Hospital

Frisco and Felicia - General Hospital
Felicia Cummings first wandered into Port Charles disguised as a boy trying to steal back her grandmother's Aztec ring. Once Frisco Jones figured out she was very much a girl, it didn't take long for the sparks to fly. The two eventually married and had two children, much like the actors themselves in real life. Unfortunately both pairings ended in divorce but viewers were never in doubt that Felicia was the lady of Frisco's heart.

11. Shawn and Belle - Days of Our Lives

Shawn and Belle - Days of Our Lives
It was only a matter of time before the children of two soap opera super couples became a super couple themselves. That's exactly what happened between Shawn Douglass Brady (son of Hope and Bo) and Belle Black (daughter of John and Marlena). Although their young love story was interrupted by Jan Spears obsession with Shawn and Belle’s marriage to Philip Kiriakis, the two eventually married and sailed off into the sunset with daughter, Claire. But there's good news ahead that should keep fans smiling. (SPOILER ALERT!) We hear this couple will be sailing back into Salem this fall!

12. Sky and Raven - The Edge of Night

Sky and Raven - The Edge of Night
When Raven Swift met Schuyler Whitney there was explosive chemistry that soon led to their wedding, until Raven realized her husband was actually imposter Jefferson Brown. The story led to an epic location shoot in the Swiss Alps where Jefferson was killed while trying to throw Raven off a cliff. Eventually Raven met the real Sky. The two immediately clashed and lost their fortune but were destined to fall in love, go on many adventures and live happily ever after.

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