13 TV Character Deaths We Should Have Seen Coming

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7. Robin Hood - Once Upon A Time

Robin Hood - Once Upon A Time
Similar to Laurel Lance on Arrow, Robin's character was running on fumes. The writers seemed to struggle finding anything important for him to do and he ended up getting thrusted into storylines just to make him feel important. Although, Robin and Regina made a cute couple, it was only a matter of time before the man Regina loved was taken from her, once again.

8. John Reese - Person of Interest

John Reese - Person of Interest
When we first met the ex-CIA operative in the the very first episode, his life was in shambles after the murder of his girlfriend Jessica and found himself living in a homeless encampment. Harold Finch gave him a new purpose in life, working with the Machine and saving countless lives over the years. There was never a way to have John's story to have that "riding off into the sunset" ending. So it should have come as no surprise that Mr. Reese sacrificed his life to put an end to the currupt A.I., Samaritan and saving the Machine. It was a sad, yet satisfying end for this beloved character.

9. Henry Allen - The Flash

Henry Allen - The Flash
The writing was on the wall with this one. Once Henry Allen returned after a brief hiatus and joined the team, it more or less spelled doom for this character. Barry working together with his father was a pleasure to watch, but with Zoom hell bent on making Barry suffer, such a thing wasn't meant to last.

10. Abraham Ford - The Walking Dead

Abraham Ford - The Walking Dead
No surprise here that this death made the list, but the death itself shouldn't have been all that surprising either when you think about it. Abraham's death in the graphic novel by getting an arrow through the eye, went to Denise on the show. Once AMC pulled the old switcharoo, it became obvious that the writers were saving Abraham to go out in a much bigger, and more meaningful way.

11. Bobby Singer - Supernatural

Bobby Singer - Supernatural
While it was indeed emotional, Bobby's demise during Supernatural's seventh season wasn't all that unpredictable. Up until this point, the show hadn't had a major character death in quite a few seasons. Sam and Dean were safe, even after their own numerous deaths and resurrections. It was about time our friend Bobby was put out to pasture.

12. Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White - Breaking Bad
This entry should have an asterisk next to it in this category. Mainly because Walt was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the first season, so his fate was pretty much sealed form the get go. However, a lot of fans were still shocked in the way he went out. Regardless of whether or not you were surprised by how Walt was killed, his death was inevitable.

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