13 TV Characters Facing Serious Retribution

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7. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
Empire has been gone forever. When it returns, Lucious will be down, thanks to machinations by Hakeem. But he's not been pushed down far enough yet. He needs to keep watch, because we have little doubt Hakeem has more aimed at daddy dearest.

8. Zoom - The Flash

Zoom - The Flash
I'd love to call him by name, but I'm not convinced Jay Garrick's face is housing Jay Garrick's soul, so we'll give the name a break. Whoever is wearing that body, though? Beware, buddy, be very ware!!

9. Mr. Boss - iZombie

Mr. Boss - iZombie
Most importantly, we're hoping Mr. Boss goes because he's a boring and goofy villain who instills no fear. Therefore, not only are the characters gunning for him, we are too. Sorry, dude. Beware the fans. That's a thing, too.

10. Elizabeth and Philip Jennings - The Americans

Elizabeth and Philip Jennings - The Americans
You've been getting away with living a dual life on The Americans, but now that your daughter knows your secret, will it really be that easy? Is anything with teenage girls easy? Imagine being Soviet spies. Their own daughter might be their downfall.

11. Vandal Savage - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Vandal Savage - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Savage is probably tired of looking over his shoulder on DC's Legends of Tomorrow he's been killed so many times by the (possible) future legends already, but one of these days, Hawkgirl or her dead soulmate will put him down for good. Oh goody gumdrops!!

12. Noah Solloway - The Affair

Noah Solloway - The Affair
"Protecting" two women by taking the fall for the death of Scotty Lockhart may sound noble, but he's dragged out what could have been an accident into an even bigger crime. Beware what being a knight in tarnished armor will get you, Noah.

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