14 Impressive TV Performances from 2018

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Where else other than television can you find the very best entertainers all in one place?

When you look at our year-end slideshows, you'll be amazed at the incredible talent found on more networks than you can possibly watch in a lifetime.

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Sometimes it can be frustrating to have so much at hand, but when you're faced with such an abundance of riches, it's best to say thanks and move on to the next show.

What performances did you love this year? Hit the comments and share.


1. Sandra Oh/Jodie Comer - Killing Eve

Sandra Oh/Jodie Comer - Killing Eve
As the agent and the assassin, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are as essential to each other as Peanut Butter and Jelly. They're made Killing Eve what it is, and while they are outstanding in every moment on screen, they're perfect when opposite one another.

2. J.K. Simmons - Counterpart

J.K. Simmons - Counterpart
J.K. Simmons makes it seem effortless to play opposite himself as the same characters who have taken different directions in life. It can't possibly be as he makes it out to be. He's even more remarkable when he's one of the two trying to pull off the other for the benefit of someone who doesn't know he's not who he says he is or when he's suddenly acting like his other without warrant. But given Simmons' history, would you expect anything different?

3. Julia Roberts - Homecoming

Julia Roberts - Homecoming
Julia Roberts chose her first television role very well. She's got all the material she needs to dive into a character wholly different than what's expected of her, and her signature smile only comes near the very end of the production, proving what she originally banked on is only a sliver of her talent.

4. Paul Wesley - Tell Me a Story

Paul Wesley - Tell Me a Story
On Tell Me a Story, Paul Wesley gets a chance to play an emotional man who fights for everything he needs in life, and nothing comes easy. Unlike the role for which he's best known, Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, every decision has real consequences that a normal man can't always stomach. Wesley shows how different he can be in a role when everything is at stake and not at risk due to a stake. He's sure to make new fans as a result.

5. Matthew Rhys/Keri Russell - The Americans

Matthew Rhys/Keri Russell - The Americans
Real life married couple Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell haven't always walked in lock-step as Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, but they took their characters through the ringer in its final season. Rhys came closer than ever to making us believe Phillip might turn on Elizabeth only to stand beside her through the most difficult trial of their lives, and Russell took Elizabeth through the most difficult realization a mother ever faces. They were stunning.

6. Julia Garner - Ozark, Maniac, The Americans, Waco, etc.

Julia Garner - Ozark, Maniac, The Americans, Waco, etc.
Julia Garner has snuck into our lives by taking some of the most significant bit parts on the best shows and proving herself indispensible. The more roles she takes, the more you hope she'll appear in the next show you watch. She gives vulnerability where it's least expected and working her way into the leading roles you didn't know she was born to fill.

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