14 Shows That Alienated Their Fan Base

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7. The 100

The 100
Killing off Lexa was the worst thing the powers that be over on The 100 could do. It was a really cruel death. Just as she and Clarke solidified their relationship, she was killed by a stray bullet. Somehow, a commander dying in this manner just seemed plain dumb. I get that the actress was busy with Fear the Walking Dead, but come on, she deserved better.

8. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert will always be a huge part of The Vampire Diaries history. Nina Dobrev left the show after Season 6, but the characters could not shut the hell up about her. Season 7 successfully rebooted the series with some new characters, but the constant mentions of the character have made the series struggle to really move on. Thankfully, the show is being put out of its misery after the current eighth season.

9. Quantico

Quantico has always felt like a show that hailed from Shondaland. It has crazy twists and a whole lot of sex. The thing that seemed to rile the fans up was that the show seemed way too focused on pushing Ryan and Alex as a couple. Ryan is one of those characters that gets monotonous quickly. The back and forth between him and Alex is probably why the show will be cancelled in May.

10. Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time
After successfully reinvigorating the series with the Frozen arc, the series squandered the ratings resurgence by throwing in magical loopholes that made little sense and turning the show into a full blown soap opera. The back and forth relationships and character returns are what ultimately sent viewers away from this once promising series.

11. Castle

Viewers spent years invested in Caskett, so to have the pair call time on their relationship after all those years of building towards something more, it was yet another slap in the face. “Killing off” Castle as he approached his wedding was the final straw for most.

12. Revenge

Emily Thorne AKA Amanda Clarke had a revenge plan that went on way too long. What should have been a limited series was dragged out four full seasons. Viewers were tired of it. The whole initiative storyline in Season 2 was only present to drag the main storyline out for longer.

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