16 Jaw-Droppers That Left Us Speechless

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7. Sharon's Collapse on Major Crimes

Sharon's Collapse on Major Crimes
OMG, when Sharon collapsed on Major Crimes. I kind of knew it was happening because she'd spent the whole hour being dizzy and overworked and refusing to slow down and rest but the scene itself shocked and upset me and left me needing the next episode to hurry up and come!

8. You CAN Go Back to Game of Thrones Again

You CAN Go Back to Game of Thrones Again
It was shocking how easy it was to pick back up on a serious viewing basis watching Game of Thrones Season 7 after two seasons of watching episodes sporadically or on mega fast forward. Yes, you can just read news and reviews and pick up as if you missed nothing at all and be just as invested when Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen, when Daenerys loses her beloved Viserion, Sansa and Arya team up to finally end the jerk that was Littlefinger, and the wall comes tumbling down.

9. Joanna Wellick Dying on Mr. Robot

Joanna Wellick Dying on Mr. Robot
The death was such a shock. It seemed like her driver was getting killed off, but before we know it, her scalp was being ripped open to retrieve the bullet. Being so early in Mr. Robot Season 3, it was a good twist because she still had a lot of stories to tell.

10. Shades of Blue Season 2 Finale

Shades of Blue Season 2 Finale
The entire Shades of Blue season finale was shocking. There was so much happening. There were a couple of cliffhangers that left me staring at the television with my mouth open. The deaths and new issues that came were shocking. Stahl being completely, irrevocably unhinged was shocking as was the state Harlee and Woz were left in when things ended.

11. Snubs of The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire

Snubs of The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire
I was and continue to be shocked The Leftovers and Halt and Catch Fire can be on so many critics Top Ten Lists for 2017 and yet received no awards nominations whatsoever. I'm incredulous and not in a good way. Perhaps there is a serious disconnect between awards and those truly invested in critiquing the entertainment people watch.

12. Darla's Reveal about Blue on Queen Sugar

Darla's Reveal about Blue on Queen Sugar
Darla telling Ralph Angel that Blue might not be his son on Queen Sugar. It was the revelation I never saw coming. Ralph Angel certainly has his faults. He’s spent time in prison and can be stubborn at times, but he has always been an amazing father to Blue. That boy has been the center of his universe and his reason for working to become a better man.

When Darla admitted that she had been with other men while she was addicted to heroin, it shocked Ralph Angel, the entire family, and the audience. Not that DNA will ever change how much Blue is loved, but I hope the Bordelon’s get a DNA test next season so that we know about Blue’s paternity one way or the other because the not knowing is killing me!

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