17 Characters We'd Love to Be our Valentines

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Love is in the air...

It's Valentine's Day and many single guys and gals are scrambling for a date on this most romantic night of the year. 

And then there's folks who are ditching the dates and sticking to their television sets! 

If you're without a Valentine this year, we've compiled a list of TV characters who'd make EXCELLENT Valentines. 

For those of you who've already got a date, get inspired for your evening with the men and women on our list!

Don't forget to tell us who you'd choose to be your Valentine!

1. Tony DiNozzo, NCIS

Tony DiNozzo, NCIS
Tony DiNozzo is the “Very Special Agent” we’d like to take home for Valentine’s Day. Admittedly, the guy has had lousy luck in love. His former strictly work partner, Kate was killed. Ziva took off to parts unknown leaving him behind. His relationship with Jeanne was for an undercover mission but we think there was a sliver of truth in the words “I love you”, even if Tony denies it. Given he’s single once again, Tony could be up for a movie marathon and other fun this Valentine’s Day.

2. Belle French, Once Upon a Time

Belle French, Once Upon a Time
Belle's had such a rough time in the romance department. We'd love to give her many roses (not just one!) and talk about literature over an awesome cup of tea. Belle would be the ideal Valentine, maybe even a happily ever after Valentine!

3. Rick Castle, Castle

Rick Castle, Castle
Rick Castle is the perfect Valentine. He’s handsome. He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s rich. He’s a great dad and best of all he’s got a great, big… heart. Yes, we know he’s married to the supposed love of his life but these days it’s a little hard to tell what’s really going on between he and Kate Beckett. So if Rick Castle is available, we definitely want him to be our Valentine.

4. Cary Agos, The Good Wife

Cary Agos, The Good Wife
There's no one we'd rather have a healthy Valentine's Day argument with than this handsome lawyer. Cary can make us swoon with his charming smile while dazzling us with romance. This is one Valentine we wouldn't object to!

5. Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries
Who wouldn't mind having Bonnie Bennett cast a spell on them for Valentine's Day? She's gorgeous, she's smart, she can make us laugh and cry, and most importantly, she can literally make us walk on air.

6. Cisco Ramon, The Flash

Cisco Ramon, The Flash
Oh Cisco. First of all, the man's got brains - he's a brilliant engineer. On top of that, he's hilarious and witty, he's impossibly cute, he wears awesome t-shirts, he's loyal and devoted to his friends. Also, as if all that wasn't enough, he's a geek after my own heart AND he has superpowers. Not to mention a big, loving heart. And that hair. Seriously. Cisco Ramon could be my valentine any day of the week.

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