17 Controversial Character Exits

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7. Mandy - Shameless

Mandy - Shameless
Mandy was the best character on the show. All she wanted was for Lip to love her, but she was sidelined for much of Shameless Season 4, so it came as no surprise that she got an off screen exit in Season 5. That was a harsh blow to fans, but the powers that be tried to rectify their mistake by having her back as a guest on the most recent season.

8. Nadia - Chicago PD

Nadia - Chicago PD
Nadia was the one who kept Lindsay grounded and she had her whole career head of her. It came as a shock when she was brutally murdered in a crossover with Law & Order: SVU. It was an exit that got people talking, but for all the wrong reasons.

9. Derek - Teen Wolf

Derek - Teen Wolf
The actor decided to bid adieu to the series before Season 5 begun, so he had the dreaded off screen exit and the show has never been the same since. The same thing happened with Arden Cho recently. Why are they all leaving between seasons?

10. Camilla - Empire

Camilla - Empire
Camilla returned after almost a year's break from the show, but she was forced to drink cyanide by Lucious and it made us wonder why she didn't pretend to take it. She could have at least tried and could still be in the land of the living. Unless of course she's going to pop up again. This also added fuel to the fire that lesbians on TV are becoming extinct.

11. Sarah - Prison Break

Sarah - Prison Break
Remember when Sarah was killed off in Season 3 and returned for Season 4? Yeah, that was a bit out there because the head in the box looked exactly like her. At the time, it was a terrible decision. It made the whole love story between her and Michael a waste of time.

12. Declan - Revenge

Declan - Revenge
Declan's exit was pretty random, but not all that shocking given that it happened during a season finale. They could have done so much more with it and it made Charlotte become the most annoying character on TV.

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