13 Hot Characters Who Can't Seem To Find Love

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There are A LOT of characters on TV who just can't seem to find the one. When they're hotter than hell, the mind really boggles at their inability to have a successful love life. What does that mean for the rest of us?!

Whether the other half gets killed off or just runs off with someone else, these incredibly hot characters can't find someone to stick around for more than a few weeks. 

Poor Noah from Scream finally found his one, and then she was butchered by the masked killer as he watched it all go down on Facetime. Of all the luck!

Have a look through our slideshow, and let us know if you'd scoop 'em up and love 'em for life. 

Go on. You know you want to!

1. Cami - The Originals

Cami - The Originals
Cami appears to be nothing more than person who listens to the Mikaelson clan's problems before being compelled to forget it. She deserves to be taken on a date, and there's certainly a lot of chemistry between her and Klaus. Can they get it on already?!

2. Matt - The Vampire Diaries

Matt - The Vampire Diaries
Why do all the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls get to have all the fun? Matt has played second fiddle to so many characters now that it's clear he is just on screen as the third wheel. Let's hope his new found Sheriff status gets him some action before things get dark in town!

3. Cookie - Empire

Cookie - Empire
Cookie has a love story with Lucious that spans almost two decades, but he just always seems to be screwing her over. Will her new relationship with Malcolm be able to stand the test of time, or is it as fake as Mrs Lyons' nails?

4. Kenna - Reign

Kenna - Reign
Before Lady Kenna got BASHED, she had a relationship with the king. I mean, he even left his freaking mistress for her. Okay, he didn't leave his wife, but it was the next best thing in those days, right?

5. Mellie - Scandal

Mellie - Scandal
Mellie has a cheating husband who was too busy handling Olivia to satisfy her. She remained faithful to him, so she deserves the same in return from someone new.

6. Severide - Chicago Fire

Severide - Chicago Fire
Things seem to be going well with April, but remember when Severide got married to a chick he knew nothing about? Either he's got issues, or he just takes love when it comes his way. Let's hope April keeps him happy.

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