17 Most Awkward TV Hugs

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7. Insecure

There are embarrassing hugs and then there is this. Looking at it too long is so difficult because it has every component of an awkward hug that should be avoided. Insecure tackled it really well though, making sure we would analyze our hug etiquette before every new one.

8. New Girl

New Girl
There are times when you shouldn't be hugging and that has to include when the other person is kissing their significant other. Nick seems pretty happy about being included in this hug, but it is just strange to experience and definitely makes you reevaluate third wheeling in the future.

9. The Office

The Office
Jim and Pam had some of the most iconic romantic moments in the nine seasons of The Office. Their relationship was a wonderful journey to go in, but it did see some rough patches and this hug is one of them. Pam may have hugged Jim after she realized that they were worth fighting for, yet for a minute or so she just left him hanging.

10. The 100 Once Again

The 100 Once Again
Here we have Monty and Echo hugging, but then if you look behind them you see Harper. Now, Harper hasn't exactly been at the center of most things this season on The 100 and this goodbye scene wasn't any different. Maybe Harper and Echo aren't all the friendly, or maybe she just wasn't remembered in the group hug circle and that is pretty awkward in context.

11. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon and hugs are two words that don't belong in the same sentence. That is also why those two words are the reason Sheldon should be in this slideshow. His attempt to hug from time to time is entertaining and yet still so uncomfortable sometimes.

12. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls
Nothing like Luke warning Rory that he isn't about hugs before leaning in for one. Rory has had her own fair share of strange hug moments so this shouldn't be any different. Experiencing this though is still an entire journey that you just can't unsee.

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