17 'Ships That Need to Sail in 2019

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7. Miles and Cara - God Friended Me

Miles and Cara - God Friended Me
Despite their best efforts to insist they are friends, there is a deeper connection between Miles and Cara. He's even the reason she dumped Eli. They both have feelings for each other but they will not admit it. Although we love a slow burn, it would be nice if it didn't take several seasons for them to get together.

8. Cassie and Izzie - Atypical

Cassie and Izzie - Atypical
We're actually a little torn on this one because of how likable Casey's boyfriend is. But there's definitely chemistry between Casey and Izzie, and spending time exploring Casey's sexuality and a potential relationship with Izzie would be interesting and add another layer to an already deep character.

9. Tyrone and Tandy - Cloak and Dagger

Tyrone and Tandy - Cloak and Dagger
Through the season, it's become obvious that Tyrone and Tandy belong together. They are always there to support each other and their friendship is a highlight of the show. While this one may be a slow burn, it's definitely worth the wait.

10. Jason and Sam - General Hospital

Jason and Sam - General Hospital
Jason has been back for over a year and Sam admitted she still has feelings for him months ago. They love each other and enough is enough. It's reached a point where it feels like a little too much of a tease.

11. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

Bellamy and Clarke - The 100
Bellamy and Clarke are the king and queen of slow burn. The chemistry is there, the story is there, and the love is there. Truly, the only thing we're waiting for is the writers to get there. 2019, don't let us down!

12. Macy and Harry - Charmed

Macy and Harry - Charmed
There's definitely something between these two. Maybe it's because Macy is the oldest and they both tend to parent the other two on occasion, or they both are kind of nerdy and reserved. Macy and Harry just have a really cool vibe and seem to "get" each other.

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