17 Shows that Fly the Feminist Flag

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These shows are our top picks for female representation that rules! 

1. The 100

The 100
First up is the post-apocalyptic drama that stole all our hearts this year. It's been lauded as one of the most feminist shows on TV and for good reason. Not only does Clarke Griffin have no time for love triangle shenanigans, the rest of the female cast shines with empowerment too. They are doctors, warriors, mechanics, leaders, and every other job under the sun. Weaker sex? Puh-lease.

2. Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex
Gratuitous sex scenes are often a pretty big turnoff for me, but not on Masters of Sex. Every love scene has a real purpose in the overall plot instead of just pointlessly throwing some bump and grind into the mix (looking at you Game of Thrones). Plus, Virginia is just as integral to the research as Bill at this point. Gotta love that!

3. Scandal

Olivia. Freaking. Pope. This woman has been through hell, and yet she still commands a room without lifting a finger. Olivia draws her strength from smarts and logic and a whole lot of thinking on her feet. When caught in a love triangle? Oliva chooses herself because she's a boss. She could probably run the country and do her nails at the same time.

4. Arrow

On a male dominated show like Arrow, you might think female characterization would suffer a little bit. Nope. Felicity Smoak is 100% in charge of her life, and she doesn't take crap from anyone. Laurel and Thea also blossomed this year, getting in on the hero business with some karate of their own. Arrow is not afraid to show that there are many types of strong women, from kick-butt to cutthroat to wicked smart. Feminism is a buffet, and Arrow is taking a plate from every tray.

5. The Good Wife

The Good Wife
I love a good comeback story, and Alicia served us just that when she decided to return to her litigation career after her husband's antics landed him in prison. Over the years, she's proven time and again that she is much, much more than just a "good wife." She's a powerful attorney, an amazing mother, and basically a fantastic human being.

6. Revenge

There's no doubt Emily Thorne is the perfect embodiment of a strong woman who kicks ass, but you can't forget about characters like Victoria Grayson or Margaux Lemarchal. These women almost never throw a punch, choosing instead to gain the upper hand in more devious ways. Under the table alliances and manipulative mind games can achieve the same end as a roundhouse kick when used properly, as all the women on Revenge have come to learn.

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