17 Shows That Were Rocked With A Pregnancy Plot Twist

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7. Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time
Emma revealing her pregnancy was most shocking because of the timing. With her set to the leave the show, it was a nice parting surprise if anything else. It also gave Captain Swan the happily ever after that they were headed towards; with a small look into their new growing family in the series finale.

8. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
There is nothing like a pregnancy where you don't even know who the father is. Gossip Girl was very familiar with that when it had one of its leads going through this big change, all while building up the suspense with actual details on this new twist.

9. Lola Fleming - Reign

Lola Fleming - Reign
Francis and Lola's one night stand definitely accounted for a pregnancy, so it delivered quite a surprise as well. Love triangles have a way of adding more weight to reveals like this and yet it was explored in a way that focused on all the people involved equally.

10. Laurel Castillo - How To Get Away With Murder

Laurel Castillo - How To Get Away With Murder
Laurel and Wes exploring a relationship with one another was all kinds of perfect, which ended in a huge garbage fire when Wes died and Laurel ended up pregnant. It was heartbreaking to see Laurel going through a pregnancy at the same time that she was still mourning. But you can't say How to Get Away With Murder didn't raise the stakes with this shocking plot.

11. Dana Scully - The X-Files

Dana Scully - The X-Files
There's nothing like ending a legendary show like The X-Files with a reveal that goes against everything the fans thought they knew. The latest season first revealed that William wasn't even Mulder's child, an explanation that left more to be desired, so much more. It then wrapped up the arc with Scully telling Mulder she was pregnant when it was made clear in canon before that just wasn't possible for her. Still, that twist had fans talking and that shook up the show from there.

12. Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life

Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life
Gilmore Girls got the ending it was always meant to have, and fans were left frustratingly surprised. Besides the obvious question about who the father actually is, there is now a bigger discussion being fostered about Rory's life paralleling Lorelai's on this new level.

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