17 Shows You MUST Watch This Summer!

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If you just watched your favorite show's season finale and you're feeling down because you think there's no good TV until September, think again!

Summer is full of wonderful shows you won't want to miss. 

From compelling family dramas to shocking sci-fi series, we've got complex mysteries, teen angst, crafty criminals, and resourceful heroes.

We've had our TV Fanatics chime in with their top choices for summer viewing.

When you're not busy applying sunscreen, lying poolside, or firing up the barbecue, you'll definitely want to check out the top 17 shows you MUST watch this summer!

1. Casual - May 23rd on Hulu

Casual - May 23rd on Hulu
Casual Season 3 is underway on Hulu. If you haven't tuned into this series yet, you are definitely missing out.

Casual is centered around Alex and Valerie who are brother and sister. The show explores adult sibling relationships in a way that is complex, emotional, and hilarious. What we enjoy most about this story is watching their dysfunctional relationship as they struggle with co-dependency, annoyance, anger, forgiveness, and love.

It's important to note there is also a lot of focus on Valerie's daughter, Laura, as she transitions from a kid into an adult and the mistakes she makes along the way.

Casual Season 3 Episode 1 ended with a big twist that has pushed these characters into unknown territory and I can't wait to see what happens next. This may all sound serious, but trust me, if you love dark comedies, this may be right up your alley.

2. Still Star-Crossed - May 27th on ABC

Still Star-Crossed - May 27th on ABC
If you’re not watching Still-Star Crossed you have plenty of time to get caught up on this riveting story.

The tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet didn’t calm the war between the Capulets and Montagues and the ruler of Verona had to make a tough decision in order to restore peace. But will the forced union between Rosaline Capulet and Benvolio Montague make matters better...or worse?

Trust us, there’s more than enough drama, romance and secrets here to fill up your entire summer.

3. Stitchers - June 5th on Freeform

Stitchers - June 5th on Freeform
After its surprise renewal, we're excited to see Stitchers Season 3. When we left off, the NSA was threatening to shut down the Stitchers program for good. The team rebelled against Director Blair, going so far as to overpower him and the agents he sent to stop them.

But the even bigger cliffhanger was Kirsten making the decision to remain inside the stitch so she could be with her mother again. It's going to be up to Cameron to pull her back to reality. Hopefully that will lead to them finally giving into their feelings for each other. We're also hoping this will be the season we finally learn the truth about who's pulling the strings behind the scenes.

4. Queen of the South - June 8th on USA

Queen of the South - June 8th on USA
It’s almost impossible not to root for the women of Queen of the South. Teresa Mendoza started out as young, poor woman in Mexico before her whole world got blown apart when her drug dealing boy boyfriend was murdered.

In a strange twist, Teresa ended up running to America and working for Camila Vargas, a woman looking to build her own drug empire, separate from her power hungry husband, Epifanio.

Oh, did we mention that Epifanio wants Teresa dead because she has a journal that could destroy him?

We can’t wait to see what will happen when Teresa and Camila begin to truly work together to build an empire and take Epifanio down for good. If you’re into strong women, incredible action, and an intriguing world of crime, you’ll want to check out Queen of the South.

5. Wynonna Earp - June 9th on SyFy

Wynonna Earp - June 9th on SyFy
We'll be tuning into Wynonna Earp Season 2 because we've missed our weekly dose of Wynonna's sarcasm, Wayhaught cuteness, and the Earp sisters.

Wynonna Earp Season 1 ended with a possessed Waverly and Dolls being taken away to be tried for treason, neither one of those are acceptable. Season 2 is sure to be a crazy ride that you do not want to miss.

6. Claws - June 11th on TNT

Claws - June 11th on TNT
This is the colorful story of five nail technicians in a Central Florida salon, led by Desna (the always fabulous Niecy Nash), dreaming of a better life. The only problem is that they're funding that future by working for the Dixie Mafia, and getting out from under them is going to be dangerous.

This show is the equivalent of Steel Magnolias written by Elmore Leonard. It features a great cast including Nash, Judy Reyes, Carrie Preston, Harold Perrineau and Dean Norris. You'll definitely want to check it out.

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