17 Tantalizing Workplace Trysts

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Check out these photos of 17 sexy encounters in the work place. 

1. Fitz and Olivia on Scandal

Fitz and Olivia on Scandal
After winning the election, Fitz's first act as President is to enlist Olivia's help in breaking in his new desk in the Oval Office. She's reluctant at first, but who can resist that presidential charm?

2. Alicia and Will on the Good Wife

Alicia and Will on the Good Wife
After two seasons of watching the sexual tension between Alicia and Will, Alicia finally stops being proper and doing the right thing and lets go. While they managed to restrain themselves until they got to Will's hotel room, the steamy make-out session in the office elevator was enough to get anyone hot and bothered.

3. Kelly and Nicki on Chicago Fire

Kelly and Nicki on Chicago Fire
When Kelly Severide started receiving the attentions from the firehouse's new payroll clerk, they decided to light their own fire in the equipment room. Although Kelly is a good guy and ended it when he found out she was engaged, it's hard to blame her. Look at him!

4. Mike and Rachel on Suits

Mike and Rachel on Suits
After Mike finally comes clean to Rachel that he's a fraud, their anger turns to passion right there in the Pearson Hardman file room with enough heat that you can feel it through the TV. Turns out, honesty really is the best policy!

5. Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory
Penny is determined to make an effort to understand Leonard's work by visiting his lab. All it takes is a demonstration of some of his fancy gadgets and the mention that he's wearing the sexy black underwear she bought him to turn her on. They're fooling around on the lab table before you can say "high techy techy."

6. Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy is full of doctors getting it on in an on-call room, but arguably nothing compares to Derek chasing Meredith into that exam room on prom night. The reunion created new questions regarding their relationship, but none quite as important as "where are Meredith's panties?"

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