17 Times YOU Nailed Creepy Male Behvior

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7. Snooping Through Beck's Phone

Snooping Through Beck's Phone
Joe actually steals Beck's phone but unfortunately, having a man feel entitled to your technology is extremely common.

8. When Benji Doesn't Take No For An Answer

When Benji Doesn't Take No For An Answer
Because it's not just Joe who is toxic on this show. Beck's first boyfriend Benji doesn't allow Beck to turn him down when he wants to sleep with her. Completely unacceptable and creepy.

9. When Raj Drugs Beck and Peach

When Raj Drugs Beck and Peach
To be fair, Peach and Beck did take the drugs willingly, however, Raj not telling them exactly what was in the drug before they dosed is creepy and super unsafe.

10. Joe's Jealousy Over Candice

Joe's Jealousy Over Candice
In the previous episode, we got a glimpse of Joe's last relationship with Candice. She calls him out on his obvious jealousy, and let's just say, he does not respond well.

11. Joe Getting Involved with Paco's Family

Joe Getting Involved with Paco's Family
This is a tough one as Paco's family truly is abusive. However, the right thing to do in this situation would be to alert the authorities, not to personally beat up Paco's stepfather. When men choose personal violence it is never for anything but the sake of their own pride.

12. Joe's Gaslighting

Joe's Gaslighting
He does it to Beck obviously, but he also does it to Peach. In the recent flashback, we saw him do it to Candice. When men try to make a woman feel crazy or like her feelings are invalid, it's not just creepy, it's dangerous.

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