17 TV Bromances That Should've Been Romances

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7. Jon and Sam - Game of Thrones

Jon and Sam - Game of Thrones
Jon and Sam's meet-cute is arguably the most romantic moment on Game of Thrones. Jon, the handsome swordsman, protected Sam, the cowardly yet intelligent chubby guy, from getting assaulted from other members at the Wall. Ever since Sam joined the Night's Watch, Jon Snow took him under his wing and protected him from any and all harm that came his way. Jon and Sam have both had other partners and led separate lives since leaving the Night's Watch, and with just a few episodes left in the series, it's high-time Jon and Sam gets one last romantic reunion. Their bromance is the equivalent of a Disney fairytale, and an over-the-top wedding for these two is expected in the series finale.

8. Fez and Kelso - That 70's Show

Fez and Kelso - That 70's Show
The fact that Fez ended up with Jackie when That 70's Show came to an end was a travesty. Not because they were bad together, but because Fez missed out on his chance to be with his one true love, Kelso. What started out as a strange and competitive friendship, spiraled into a beautiful bromance once they were the only single ones remaining in The Circle. Fez always had an appreciation for Kelso's aesthetic, and Kelso adored Fez's weirdness. Fez and Kelso may have thought that Fez's sex dream about Kelso was merely a mistake, it was actually a sign that Fez and Kelso was the ship that should've sailed in the 70s.

9. Sam and Blaine - Glee

Sam and Blaine - Glee
Blaine and Sam's bromance was one of the few highlights in the later seasons of Glee. Sam accepted Blaine for who he was and Blaine helped Sam find his potential. Blaine developed a crush on Sam after his breakup with Kurt, but it didn't amount to anything, and Sam even helped Blaine get over his crush. That might have been Sam's biggest mistake because Blaine was the perfect person for him. Sam had little to no luck with women as he jumped from one partner to the next. Blaine might've been the reason for that. Maybe deep down Sam knew he missed his shot with the one person he was supposed to be with. What a shame we didn't get to see these two beautiful guys find love with one another.

10. Major and Ravi - iZombie

Major and Ravi - iZombie
The idea of love, at first sight, is a laughable one too many, but the concept can't be denied when it comes to Ravi and Major. As soon as these two bros were introduced to each other by Liv, they hit it off and became the best of friends. Their relationship has only grown stronger once they started living with each other. Ravi's been by Major's side through all of his struggles including when he became a zombie. While many expect Major and Ravi to end up with their female love interests in the shows final season, it wouldn't be a total surprise if these two bros realize that they belong with each other and no one else.

11. Troy and Abed - Community

Troy and Abed - Community
What a lost opportunity this was. Troy and Britta were a huge mistake of a pairing, not just because of their lack of chemistry, but also because it was clear to everyone at Greendale Community College that Troy belonged with Abed. These two bros were in-sync since the study group was first formed. Unfortunately, these two were separated before they could admit that the chemistry between them was more than just a bromance when Troy left Greendale. We can only hope that once Abed graduated, he reunited with Troy and the two lived happily ever after.

12. Nate and Ray - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Nate and Ray - DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Move over Batman and Robin, there's a new superhero bromance in town! Ray and Nate became besties as soon as Nate became a legend. Their goofy, nerdy ways meshed well together, and most conversations they share can't be understood by anyone else but each other. They've both dated their fair share of ladies on the Waverider, but the reason those haven't worked out could be because they are the pairing the Waverider and Gideon want to see come to fruition. If only these two legends weren't so distracted by others, they would see that they would make the most super of pairings.

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