17 TV Characters That Give Us Extreme Hair Envy

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Some days your hair is great and some days you feel like a windblown troll doll.

These characters will never know our pain because week after week they pop up on our televisions with their flawless locks making us green with envy.

Here are the 17 best heads of hair on television to inspire you and/or make you weep with jealousy. Enjoy!

1. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
He may have the worst luck in the seven kingdoms, but Jon Snow has the best hair!

2. Agent Melinda May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Melinda May - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Things Agent May won't tolerate: drama, co-pilots, Hydra and a hair out of place.

3. Laurel Lance/Black Canary - Arrow

Laurel Lance/Black Canary - Arrow
She will beat you in the courtroom, in a fist fight and in the hair department.

4. Blake Shelton - The Voice

Blake Shelton - The Voice
He is always perfectly gelled and ready to judge.

5. Jane - Jane the Virgin

Jane - Jane the Virgin
She has an excellent outlook on life and makes new motherhood look gorgeous.

6. Laura Calleros - Empire

 Laura Calleros - Empire
She sings like an angel and looks like one too! On Empire, Cookie always looks AMAZING but it's hard not to fall in love with Laura and her gorgeous waves.

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