17 TV Characters Who Love to Drink

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7. Frank Gallagher - Shameless

Frank Gallagher - Shameless
Frank Gallagher celebrates St. Patrick's Day everyday of his life. Even a brush with death and a liver transplant hasn't stopped him from drinking his days and nights away at The Alibi. It's safe to say Frank will always have a drink in hand and a sarcastic comment at the ready for as long as he lives.

8. Martha Rodgers - Castle

Martha Rodgers - Castle
Martha Rodgers never met a moment in the spotlight or a glass of wine she didn’t like. Martha’s always there as a sounding board for her son, especially since she moved in with him after her husband absconded with all of her money. Yet somehow Martha faces life with a smile, and a good stiff drink doesn’t hurt either.

9. Theresa Donovan - Days of Our Lives

Theresa Donovan - Days of Our Lives
Despite her upstanding parentage (she’s the daughter of Salem stalwarts Kimberly Brady and Shane Donovan) Theresa has turned out to be Salem’s latest bad girl. Stuck in a boring job at the hospital after her run in with the law, Theresa spends her day talking about drinking, thinking about her next drink or getting drunk. Good thing her boss, Anne Milbauer is also her favorite drinking buddy or she might just lose her job.

10. Claire Dunphy - Modern Family

Claire Dunphy - Modern Family
Claire makes sure she is never without her wine even going as far as putting it on her to-do list next to meditation -- the wine helps. According to Claire, when the going gets tough head for the wine and ignore the craziness of your family.

11. Penny - The Big Bang Theory

Penny - The Big Bang Theory
Penny loves the brainiacs of Big Bang Theory, but a little wine (or a lot) goes a long way towards tolerating their quirks. She’s even got gal pals Bernadette and Amy seeing the medicinal properties of grapes versus geeks.

12. Jules - Cougar Town

Jules - Cougar Town
Before Cougar Town leaves us, let's pay homage to all of the big glasses Jules has had over the years. The entire Cul de Sac crew should be well preserved thanks to their wine.

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