17 TV Characters with Killer Style That Gave Us Serious Fashion Envy

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TV is a magic place where apparently clothes are either free or our favorite characters have credit cards with no limits. 

Who hasn't looked at the gorgeous clothing sported by characters and had to wipe a little drool from their mouths? The endless supply of clothes that TV characters seem to have at their disposal is enough to make any fashionista envious.

However, some TV characters take their love of fashion to whole new heights. 

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Whether it's an offbeat ensemble that only a stylist could put together or designer clothes, no one without a trust fund could afford. These characters have turned getting dressed into an art form. 

Scroll through this slideshow for 17 TV characters with iconic fashion sense and make sure to comment your favorite stylish characters.

1. Daenerys-Game of Thrones

Daenerys-Game of Thrones
Daenerys may have spent a significant amount of time in leather rags early on during Game of Thrones, but she eventually rocked a never-ending supply of gorgeous power outfits.

2. Jess-New Girl

Jess-New Girl
Who wouldn't love Jess's quirky vintage style? I stocked up on my fair share of A-line skirts and dresses after New Girl began.

3. Amanda-Ugly Betty

Amanda-Ugly Betty
Amanda was always willing to take risks with her style, making her right at home at Mode.

4. The Bold Babes-The Bold Type

The Bold Babes-The Bold Type
A three for one special. Working daily at a magazine surrounded by fashion has made Jane, Sutton and Kat three of the most stylish ladies on television.

5. Aria-Pretty Little Liars

Aria-Pretty Little Liars
Aria's outfits may have been out there sometimes, but you can't deny, the girl had some serious style. Also, who wouldn't have been jealous of the unlimited supply of coats she had.

6. Hanna-Pretty Little Liars

Hanna-Pretty Little Liars
Hanna's style was classic, and her love for fashion lead her to a career as a designer.

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