17 TV Cliffhangers That Have Kept Us Awake At Night

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TV Cliffhangers deliver much the same sensation as riding a roller coaster. You feel nervous, a little scared, and absolutely anxious in the best way possible for what is about to come next.

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The only difference is where a rollercoaster delivers the much-needed relief in about 30 seconds a TV cliffhanger can keep you on the edge of your seat for up to a year, sometimes more if you are the Netflix type. 

Some cliffhangers may be more nerve-wracking than others, but they all deliver that addictive sensation of expectation that keeps on us on the edge of our couch cushions. Here are a few cliffhangers that we are still obsessing over!

1. Lucifer

After three seasons waiting for Chloe to finally accept the truth about Lucifer and waiting for them to admit their feelings for each other, plus an entire season putting up with Marcus Pierce AKA The Sinnerman, fans finally got the finale they deserved. Chloe and Lucifer had a romantic rooftop kiss, Cain got sent to Hell, and Lucifer's Devil Face returned. Shout out to Netflix for saving this show because that cliffhanger was a lot to handle.

2. The 100

The 100
Not only do we discover that our heroes have been asleep for 125 years, but we now know that Earth is no longer inhabitable. A brand new planet was found by the now-dead Monty and Harper, and their son was introduced as a main character. The question is, how will we survive until Season 5 with all of these revelations on our plate?

3. Insatiable

Insatiable was a wild ride all the way through, but that last episode culminated in two separate murders. On Insatiable, so many batshit crazy things happen on any given episode that we are sure our main characters will find a way to wriggle out of this one. The question is: how?

4. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman
The season finale left open a lot of painful threads, something we have become used to on the show. But, for once, there is also a sense of hopefulness which is so rare on the series. Princess Caroline is considering single parenthood, Bojack has a new sister who seems to accept him as he is. Even Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's split comes with the sense that these two will be ok on their own. All of which makes us more curious than ever!

5. Dynasty

Leave it to Dynasty to literally burn everything to the ground in their season finale. Not only is one of the main cast members not returning for the new season, but we have two new characters to welcome to the team. Plus, I know we are all looking forward to seeing all of Fallon's new outfits in Season 2.

6. Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black
With Piper released from prison and Blanca being escorted off to an immigration detention center, things are once again being shaken up for the ladies of Litchfield. Even this past season's villainous Denning sisters have met an early death, leaving us with very little to go on when trying to guess what will be next for the OITNB crew.

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